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Posted by Rod on July 17, 1998 at 11:35:05:

In Reply to: Topic for Debate posted by Erik on July 17, 1998 at 09:34:54:


First my real/reel name is Rod, just nice that it works well on a fishing page.

Second, I'll not take issue with the "content" of your argument, because your correct about the decline of the Hooch. I must however share some thoughts(starting with your first argument--which griped at the "over" posting RE: the Hooch) You must keep in mind that the 'hooch is the only thing we have sometimes and that's why its so popular--not because its our favorite stream, but because we can't get to the mountains every weekend. So, to you I saw, fish and let live.

On your latest argument... Government intervention is the last thing I like to see, but it may be needed to help clean the hooch up. Why should sportsman pay the bill for the developers, home owners, gov and inconsideret pollutors? Gov. (and those who trust it) allowed it to happen by following the carrot of "progress." All we are left with is the horse sh it that follows. Presently, TU and other organizations are winning small battles, which is encouraging, but how long can they function on the backs of fishermen and a few miniscule settlements? I say let the gov. pay for it--This is one way I wouldn't mind my tax $ spent.

On second thought I will speak to your contention that mountain streams are better or holier than the hooch--are these streams any less artificial than the hooch? At some time they may have been--a few of them, but now they really aren't any better--the scenery is better and no one will differ on that.

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