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Posted by SPINNER on July 27, 1998 at 21:46:43:

In Reply to: Re: Steelhead posted by Flyguy on July 27, 1998 at 11:09:12:

> Len,

> The steelhead would put a walleye to shame in a fighting batttle, but I would eat a walleye over a steelie any day. I do have a great way to cook the steelie on the grill and it has the best taste...Works for all types of trout. Screamania is the Michigan term for a skimmania. This is a summer run steelhead, but we do not get a real big run of them. The regular steelhead that were planted in the great lakes from Washington state and Oregon are the ones that I think you are talking about.

> Do they have any hatchery's there that have reproductive programs going on? We have a few in Michigan and Indiana now. We also get some nice Browns from the Lake Michigan and some of it tributaries. The Brookies in the lower part of the state are mixed between native and stocked, but as you get up tward the UP and into the UP there get to be more natives and less stocked. I have heard of some nice Brookies being caught in the UP of Michigan.

> I here what you are talking about when it comes to rude. Alot of places I fish when I lived in Michigan and when I go back to visit my family and friends are the same way. On the weekends they will be lined up elbow to elbow on the shore and I am sure you know what comes next...fights...swearing...and I have even heard of a couple gun fights too. I am glad I still have buddys back there that are up on where the fish are and what they are catching them on. They also know alot of remote areas that are off limits to most people.

> Fish...on,

> Flyguy

> s u c k e r for steelies

Hello Flyguy!!
I think they only stock them up here. I don't
think there is any natural reproduction..I went
small stream fishing tonight..Most stock brownies
here are about 12 inches..I found quite a few holes with 4 and 5 inchers..I really like to see
this...Natural reproduction..For year after all
the stockers were fished out..You couldn't catch
a trout to save your life..I blame it on the farmers and misuse of all that crap they put on the fields up here...They started clamping down on them about 10 years...It seems to help..I usually
use a 4 or a 6 panther martin...NO BARBS.. the bronze body and blade and Rapala husky jerks size
8 in silver and blue and the burnt orange...I really kicked butt on opening weekend this year....Opening day I caught a 23 1/4 male brown
on the burnt orange and the next day I caught a
24 1/2 female...She is a real sow..about 5 or 6
pounds..I didn't weigh her..I got her on the blue
and silver...I fished both holes on both days with the panther martins and I didn't even get a hit..
both days...The first casts with the husky jerks.....bam..within about 5 yards of the lure
hitting the water...That is how I know what a
taxidermists costs...He did a great job on my
walleye(31 1/2 inches) this was last year on
the Kickapoo River in Crawford county Wisconsin on
a size 12 Husky Jerk..Burnt orange..You're right
they are the best tasting.....Speaking of husky
jerks...Do you use them???You have to tie them on the line...No snap leaders...Slow to
medium slow retrieval...Too fast and might a well
have rock on the line..This spring a buddy of mine
caught a 34 incher in the same spot...I was in
Canada in Ignace wasting my time...It was a first
time there and the guy I was suppose to go with couldn't go at the last minute...It was fishing
in the proverbial haystack...The weather was poor
and no guide..I caught a few hammer handles...I was in search of 40 inch northern..I caught a 32
incher...It was as skinny as a snake..I did learn
about a new type of beer...Kokanne..Caught more of them then fish..Signing off.... SPINNER

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