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Posted by Chris England on July 29, 1998 at 20:06:38:

In Reply to: Re: Rods and guns posted by Mr. T on July 29, 1998 at 11:57:55:

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> > Hey, I'm looking into getting a good gun to pack in to places--could y'all save me the trouble of sorting through the archives AND suggest a decent hand gun. I don't want to pay for a GLOK but would like something in that quality range.

> > Thanks

> > Future NRA member

> NIM -- I have a little Bursa .380 that makes a perfect pack gun. It's small, light, beautifully constructed and very straight shooting. Loaded with a good hoolow point like Gold Dot, it has plenty of stopping power. I got it a couple of years ago for $225 new including a spare clip.
FROM: Chris England
SUBJECT: Re: Rods and guns

BODY OF MESSAGE: Ok, now we're talkin. One of my side hobbies is
Guns that is.

Without getting too far off topic, here's my assessment
of the firearms you guys mention:

Bersa .380 - excellent Walther PPK copy.
Owned one for years, and has excellent out of the box

H&K USP - awesome handgun. Fit and finish are unparalled
by US manufacturers. Austrians are very proud of their
hardware. Sig's are in this category as well.
Price is also unparalleled. The H&K SpecOps.
runs in the 2000k range. You can pick up a USP at
a gunshow for 550. Let's not even get into their
long guns.

Glock - awesome handgun. A comment about reliability
earlier is at this level is just splitting hairs. A
17x can be had at a gunshow for right at 400. I traded
one recently with 5 high cap mags (17+1) for just under 500.

Calibers: .380ACP Don't fool yourself about the .380. It's a
9mm short, and has somewhere ~< 25% one-shot-stopping
power with the better loads such as Black Talon, and
Fed. HydraShock. Good for snakes, and possibly laying down
a whole lot of fire, due to the light recoil. Can anyone
name a .380 that holds enough rounds to do so though?

9mm P. - go for it in the high cap mag. category, but if you
have to stick to the 10+1 it's better to just go up a little
larger. Make no mistake. A 9 has very high one-shot-stopping
power with the right round, ala Corbon, or Hydrashock's.
It's just a little over zealous on the penetration side.
(that's what she said ;-)) How can you argue with 18 rounds
in your hand though? BTW: terrible home def. gun due to the
over pen. problem. very fast bullet.

.40 S&W - a great round with awesome knockdown power. A little
shy of the .357 in the better loads. Knuckleball's tremedously
though, and wouldn't be recommended for the serious target shooter.

.45ACP - great round. I personally like them due to the design of the
1911. Ballistics are worth argueing though.

10mm - awesome. Enough said. It's sort of on a little comeback
lately. 10 years ago, you couldn't trade one for a Zebco 303.
Very accurate, across zip codes.

.357Mag - great all round caliber. The highest one-shot-stopping
power round on the market (something like 135 JHP Hydrashock)
99%. Get a revolver, and you can shoot .38's out of it as well,
and save some money. (BTW: some think that the .44Mag is "the
most powerful handgun on the earth." which is partly true, but due
to the over pen. problem it has, it actually is around 89% one-sht-
stopping power. it's one fast bullet)

.357Sig - not enough data.

The data that I quoted above comes from "Martin & Sanow," the
leaders in ballistic data comparison. They are however from
memory, but are by and large correct.

-- tight lines & smokin fur.

PETA: P#nis Envying Trout Anglers
also known as
PETA: Poor Eventually Trout Anglers
> This month's american Rifleman features three new .380s that are worth taking a lok at. Can't remember who made them, but they seemed to be highly recommended.

> Mr. T

> supporter of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

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