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Posted by Chris England on July 30, 1998 at 08:23:58:

In Reply to: Re: Rods and guns posted by Buh Buh Ray on July 29, 1998 at 20:50:27:

Like I said. Go for the 9mm in hi cap. But it's well worth the extra recoil to go on up in size, ala .45, .40S&W, or 10mm. BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE, there are 9mm rounds that have over 88% one-shot-stop. Not a round to be tossed aside loosely. If you tune into some of the gun rags, it's pretty common to 9mm bash. It's been pop culture to hype the bigger rounds, even prior to the ban (I'm sure Dr. S. Freud would take interest in this trend). There are considerations though, like recovery rate (the time lapsed between discharges that will allow you to aquire the target and place an accurate shot). Some of the better firearms editors are aware of this trend and can make a pretty good case for the 9mm. Most agree (in particular Stan Liboural that the 9 is a terrible home defense gun, due to the muzzle velocity. In tests, a 9mm JHP will go through 8-10 sheets of drywall, spaced at 3" apart. .357 Mag JHP's, will sometimes stop at the 4th board. The .357 transfers almost 100% of it's energy to the target. The 9 (and some of the big bores) can have a tendancy to "pencil hole" live targets. Mucho waste of energy. (here's a trick, try shooting your favorite round into a wet telephone book bullet trap. then perform the same test after putting a layer of cotton fabric from a tee-shirt and a denim jacket over the first book. what was the result? did your bullet expand correctly? did it pencil hole?)

My understanding of the 1994 Crime Bill is that the pre-ban weapons can remain in that condition. Post ban's cannot be converted back. Once a pre-ban has been converted to post ban, it can't be converted back. Hi cap mags included. You just can't buy them to put in your post ban handgun. (The shows down here have them at every other booth though). (i'll verify this this a'noon).

.40's are dam good rounds. Most of the manufactured cartridges are in the high 80%'s though. With the exception of Hydrashock, and the banned Black Talon's. (you can get these at the shows too) They really jumped into the limelight 8 or so years ago, as the middleman between the 9mm and the .45ACP. Basically getting some of the better characteristics of both rounds. More capacity than the .45, and more punch than the 9. The data that's coming in on the .40, now that it's been on the street for a while is good. As I mentioned before though, manufacturers are struggling to get an accurate round on the market, so the competition shooters for the most part have stayed away from it.

-- tight lines

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