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Posted by Gman on August 01, 1998 at 07:25:44:

In Reply to: Flyfishing posted by Hound on August 01, 1998 at 00:26:51:

> Do you know what the best thing about a fly fisherman is? You don't have to clean up after him. Happy fishing and try to lay off those Hooch trout. Maybe you could try something we "snobs" call catch and relase.

> Hound

Actually, Hound, Erik DOES clean up after them. See his post below.

Troutspanker, I've fished for trout for 'nigh on 40 years, since back in nineteen-ought-sixty.' I've chunked a little of everything in my time, and when I first came upon this board, I felt as you do about certain issues. However, as I've come later to find out, most of this is fun between occasional current or past meatchunkers.

No one (I think) on this board wants to ban baitfishing. No one wants to outlaw spinning rods, and no one is making fun of baitfishing. Myself, I get a little amused at the psuedo-religious context which some attach to flyfishing, which is NOT prevelant on this board, although it is sometimes present. But some have found a religion in flyfishing, and approach that religion like Southern Baptists approach a revival.

But very few here do so. (Check out VFS for that attitude.) When I first began reading the bb here, I posted a couple of indignant, somewhat self rightous posts about denigration of meatchunkers, rednecks, and the sort of single-minded, grim-faced, white-knuckle fishing that you read about sometimes. But since then, I've found that most on this board are very helpful, knowledgable, and could care less about "meatchunking" except when a meatchunker meatchunks in the same hole in which they're fishing.

There's a tremendous temptation to view fly fishermen as snobs, and some, in fact are snobs. But snobs aren't limited to fly fishermen, and there is even a 'reverse snobbery' in places, such as the "anti-Orvis" threads seen elsewhere.

So, read carefully before you post, please, and don't discount humor. And assume these folks here are probably as democratic as yourself. I wish I had.


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