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Posted by Big Duke 6 on August 02, 1998 at 08:57:54:

In Reply to: Meat Chunking posted by Trout-Spanker on July 31, 1998 at 23:26:22:

Let me begin by saying all of this name calling is getting old. One only resorts to name calling when they lack a valid arguement.
Personally, I am a flyfisherman. I started out using cheap equiptment, but I have since been fortunate enough to purchase the $500 rods and reels some of you deplore. I have these things simply because I like them. It's my hobby. I will skimp on car repairs, seeing the latest movie, and work extra hours in order to finance fishing trips, buy rods, reels, tying materials, ect. I see nothing wrong with this. In the same instance, I have friends who cannot do what I do. They may fish with Cortland rods and Martin reels, but I don't frown on thier setups nor do I think of myself as superior to them simply based on the cost of our tackle. I'm out here to catch fish and have a good time doing it. Sure, some days, I may go home skunked, but more often than not, I will catch a few trout. I don't mind sharing the water with spin fishermen. Heck, I used to use a spinning rod and worms (or Rapalas, or roostertails, or Panther martins...but never corn because that kills fish; but that's a totally different topic altogether) but I decided to switch to just flyfishing because it's just more fun for me. I tie my own flies and that's just another way for me to enjoy the sport. It's all about doing what you like.
For those saying they can catch more trout than flyfishermen, I would tend to agree to an extent. I've seen few trout that could not be caught on a nightcrawler, however, I have on occasion stood shoulder to shoulder with a person casting worms to rising fish and outfished the bait fisherman. But it's not about that. I don't fish for sheer numbers of fish, although I must admit, any day when I catch 50 fish is better than a day when I get skunked (which usually happens in the winter when it's cold and miserable and the fish are not biting-so you go home cold, wet and troutless -oh yes, I do eat the occasional trout)
Concerning the Virtural Flyshop (VFS) I am a reuglar there ( on the BB and the Chat room-under a different handle). I must admit, there are a few 'elitists' there who fish with nothing but dry flies and look down thier noses at 'bait dunkers', but in the same token, there are more folks on there that really don't care if you're fishing with a flyrod, spinning rod, or whatever. Think about this though, it's the Virtural FLYSHOP, so there will be more flyfishermen there than anywhere else-hence the name. I really don't care much for the "elitits' myself. I just read a letter to the editors of Fly Rod and Reel magazine from a man who condemed flyfishing with weighted nymphs, strike indicators, two handed rods (not applicable here in GA, but very popular in the UK and Europe-quite traditional actually) and smoking cigars on the stream. This man has the wrong idea. It's this mentality that gives flyfishermen a bad name, but the fellow was totally slammed by other readers. We are not all purists, in fact, the majority of flyfishermen began as spin fishermen then 'graduated' to flyfishing.

A short word on Orvis: Good company ideals, poor quality stuff for the money. Orvis is the king of "paying for the name" companies (with maybe Browning being a close second)I've got a few of thier rods, but for the money, you can do better, esp. with multi piece rods. The customer service is outstanding, but the fellow is right about Orvis Atlanta. Seems like everyone I talked to in there wants to outfit me for Montana or Alaska rather than the Chattahoochee or Noontoola. The folks at the Fish Hawk, Unicoi Outfitters, and the Classic Angler are all a better group of guys IMHO.

Sorry for being longwinded, but man, this mud slinging has gotta stop. Between this and the upcoming election, the mud's already chin deep..........

Tight Lines,
Big Duke 6

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