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Posted by Trout Spanker on August 02, 1998 at 11:16:08:

I would have to agree with those about the problem with 'trash'. That is on concept that I can not abide or understand. We as sportsmen and humans in general should try for a better way of treating these delicate areas. For one, our monies are going to keep these areas up for our enjoyment. Why throw garbage in our own 'back yards'? It does get troubling tripping over old cans, wrappers and the like. I recently went up to the Jacks River and found the same thing. It's rather disgusting to find an area as remote with trash left behind.
Fishing, to me, is something that I truly enjoy; and something that with time and effort will become even better at. A pasttime and tradition that will hopefully be passed along.
I do have to admit, embarrassingly, not regretfully, of some advice I received on last fishing trip by an 'elitist' fly-guy. I was trying some pointers I read in an article, but to no avail. I passed this guy along the trail and we got to talking. He was very happy to blige my questions and gave me a few tips. he was right on the money. Luckily I had a couple of lures that were of similar colors and sizes. Worked like a charm. I'm not against all, just those that belittle the fun that we're all trying to enjoy. There's more than one way to catch a fish. Good luck to all!
I do have another tidbit that may douse the flames of the debate on who catches more. I think that next time I may try some of that new stuff Ted Dance is bartering. You've most likely seen it. That big tub of goo he's advertising to start a 'feeding frenzy'. I think I'll get a couple drums of that, throw it in and let the party begin!:)
Ya'll take care......corn-dunkers unite!

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