Sounds like the meat chunkers are outnumbered

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Posted by Master of Flyrodding on August 03, 1998 at 11:44:25:

In Reply to: WHERE THE HELL IS HOOKER? posted by MASTER OF MEATCHUNKING on August 03, 1998 at 07:58:25:

Sounds like you little meat heads are outnumbered. I doubt that Hooker was avoiding you Meatman, he probably had real fishing to do instead of bablysitting your po-dunk self. As for who catches more fish, you can tell all the fish stories you want, when it comes down to it, anyone who spends as much time as you do on the board can't possibly have enought time to fish. Furthermore, I can outfish any meat dunker, corn dunker or spinner man, bar none. In case you didn't know, trout eat insects mostly, nymphs for the majority. Not corn. Not power bait. I can understand why you do not like flyfishing, it requires some type of skill. It's easier to catch stocked trout just blindly chucking a worm into a hole and waiting with your beer in hand and rod in the other ;-) but you don't learn squat about the habits of trout or the ecosystem of the area. Sure, you can catch trout using that crap you call 'bait' but why discrace a fish by not catching it properly....> You must not have seen my message that said I would meet you in Helen for a fish-off. Or either your a wimp that was scared he might get pounced on. Either way I don't care to set any more meetings up with the fly-boys.

> I would like to let you know that I caught my limit of trout and they were delicious. How well did you do Hooker?

> Note to Trout Spanker--I have to ask you this question because your one of the few that catches fish. How do you get that cricket juice off your fingers? Don't catch too many....See Ya!!!!

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