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Posted by JeffG on August 04, 1998 at 09:38:28:

In Reply to: Growing pains...... posted by A. Sago - NGTO on August 03, 1998 at 22:55:14:

My $0.02 here.
It stinks you lost your sponsorship by Unicoi. Maybe they will
grant it back. And I think it stinks about how this board has
been going "downhill" for a bit. It seems more people are concerned
with stroking their own ego's then trying to share tips, info, good stories
and the good debate.
Hey people face some simple facts....there are always fisherman better than you.
Just the way the world works. Also, there are fisherman that are worse than you,
Once again...just the way things work. Sometimes bait works, sometimes flies, then there
are days you cant catch a damn thing without resorting to dynamite.

Plus, there will always be people who kill more fish than they should, and people who
will never keep a trout again for the rest of their lives.
But if we resort to name calling, harsh words how will anyone unite this
group of hooligans if we need everyone to save a stream, a watershed or give intelligent
views back to the government concerning our fisheries and their management?
I am sure I will get bashed for views here, but such is life.
But guys & gals, try to at least be civil to one another. This board has been great to both
bait and fly people, and it is nice to have a place for transplants such as myself to
ask and receive info from the "locals". It would really be a damper to lose this page do to
the immaturity level of the people who now frequent this board.
My $0.02

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