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Posted by Richard on August 07, 1998 at 16:41:42:

In Reply to: TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN posted by MASTER OF MEATCHUNKING on August 07, 1998 at 04:50:52:

> I created the "MASTER OF MEATCHUNKING" to step on toes and wake up the North Georgia Trout Online (NGTO) message board. I believe that I accomplished my mission.

> Let me give a better explanation---Have you noticed that all sporting activities have groups that think their way is better than yours? If not, consider the following. I deer hunt with rifle, shotgun, muzzleloader, and bow. And if you go to Alabama, you can hunt deer with a spear----Hey, maybe I could be the "MASTER OF SPEARCHUNKING" on their web site. Anyway, most consider bow hunting as the most challenging. In the bow hunting clan, you have "elitists" that hunt exclusively with recurves. These "elitists" down anybody that doesn't hunt the way they do. Heck, to impress these guys you have to cut down a exclusive bow wood such as Osage-Orange (Maclura pomifera), carve out a bow, string it with tendons of past kills, then harvest a couple of Pope and Young bucks.

> I originally had the same impression from flyfishing posts on NGTO. No, not that I thought you wanted me to make a split bamboo rod, but almost.
> Most meatchunkers I know do not leave their corn/worm/beer/copenhagen cans all over North Georgia. They are normal guys who share the love of the sport.

> I love to chunk meat, but I do not leave trash anywhere. The ilk (necks, inbreds, etc.) that most flyfishermen complain about on NGTO probably can't read, much less have access to a computer. I telling you that your preaching to the "meatchunking choir".

> Now comes the hard part----I too flyfish for Trout, Bass, and the lovely bream. Heck, sometimes I use my flyrod for meatchunking. That long rod makes it that much easier to hide myself on small streams. And I know if flyfishermen and women were honest, you would admit that you've tried a little meat on the flyrod too.

> Just about finished. My main objective is to bring conservationists together. We need the meatchunkers, fly-boys, NRA members (rods and guns), corn dunkers, spearchunkers, etc. to defend each other in their pursuit of fish and game.

> I'm a registered forester that deals with environmental wackos on a regular basis. They (wackos) love to see internal fighting.

> My E-mail is posted---Drop me a line if you agree or not!

> Eat meat
> Chunk meat
> Fly dunk



A few comments:

First, I'll admit to using a small plastic worm while Bass fishing, but that's as close to bait as I've ever come on the flyrod.

Second, I have to both agree and disagree with your comments on bait fishermen. Having grown up in a large family of bait chunkers and spent most summers of my younger years in the North Georgia Mtns., I was witness to inumerable instances of disregard for the resources. Not only by members of my own family, but those we often saw and fished with every summer. I'm certainly glad that you and your friends don't leave your garbage, but from my experiences you are in the minority.

However, I think you're right about the fact that none of those abusers has a computer or access to the internet. My observations over the years have lead me to believe it is mainly locals who are the biggest abusers. I guess they take it for granted since it's right in their back yard. The image of the locals staking out the Burton hatchery waiting for the trucks to leave would be funny if it wasn't so sad. I'm sorry, but thats just not fishing. Go to the grocery store and buy some trout if you need them that bad.

Last, you say you just want to bring us all together to defend our pursuit of fish and game. How do you plan to do that by calling some of us "wacko's"? I am not only a fisherman, but an environmentalist. And I'm sure I'm not the only one. Just because I don't like to see acres of clearcut trees or think that the activities of humans should come ahead of all else makes me a wacko? I guess if I think a tree or a forest has a value of anything other than board feet, then I must be a wacko.

I do believe things have improved (slowly) over the years though as far as the redneck, inbred, beer swilling, trash dumping, over-limiting image of bait fisherman is concerned. I have managed to reform my family members of their bad habits, and even gotten one to take up fly fishing.

I have fished all kinds of ways, and on any given day one can be great one day, a total zip on the next. The main thing is to have a good time no matter how you fish, and take only what you need.


Fisher of flies
Lover of trees

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