Growing Pains

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Posted by Mr. T on August 10, 1998 at 06:38:26:

Aaron -- Sorry to hear that Unicoi backed out as sponsor of NGTO. I suspect they don't realize how much business NGTO has generated for them. I, for one, would never have known they existed if it had not been for their sponsorship and I've spent some bucks with them as a reuslt. I agree that while you and I were gone, some of the conversation has degenerated to a bunch of name-calling and indecent language rather than the good-natured ribbing and good humor we've been used to in the past. We've seen some classic stuff here but I think the board is attracting more and more people and we're bound to get some trash along with the good stuff. And, while I'm sidappointed that Unicoi pulled out, like you, I'm appreciative of the two years they supported NGTO. Hope we'll see them back in the future. In the meantime, I also know, based on our visit that there are some good things coming. In my experience on many boards, the best way to deal with some of the trash we've gotten lately is just not to repond. Many of these folks are looking for attention and responses only fuel their wrath. It's often hard to tell where to draw the line. Sadly, most of our problems are generated by people who believe there way is the ONLY way and they want to force people to follow their way either by browbeating them or by getting the government to support them with more rules, laws and governmental interference. There's plenty of room for all of us and there's nothing wrong with a little good-natured support of one position or another. But, some people have thin skins and are much too serious about their positions. Regardless, this remains one of the best and most informative boards on the WWW and it's growing more popular all the time. I truly believe that at this point of this year, we've already had twice as many postings as we had the entire year last year. That's got to say something. Now tell us about the sharks!!!

Mr. T

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