Picking a fly fishing rig

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Posted by Spinner on August 11, 1998 at 14:34:31:

Hello Guys!!
I've been doing some research. I decided to
try flyfishing..I don't want to pay an arm and
a leg for something I'm not even sure I know how
to use..I ordered an Orvis catalog...Way too
exspensive..Gander Mountain..Too vague on what
was included and what size was right..I almost
bought a rig in Cabelos...I'm still not sure it will fill my needs...I THINK I have found a good
beginners catalog...At least the prices are not
rude....It is called HOOK and HACKLE...It has an
internet site....There are 4 complete rigs listed
on the first catalog page...The first three seem like they should be what I am looking for...I'm not sure which one is better....This is what I am
looking for......I can catch lots of small trout with my spinning rig...I have hole in mind and a
very large small stream brown trout in mind......
One of my friends from college went a different way than I did.....He is a Wisconsin
Department of Natural Resources Warden....I have
not seen him for a while.....Low and behold he is
the Warden for the county I live in now....I ran into him at a college re-union this May....I was bragging about my good opening weekend with my
spinning rod and he shut me right up....The DNR in
the State of Wisconsin is buying a lot land and
specially land with streams running through them.
One of the first things they do before they pur-
chase the land is to see hoW suitable it would be for trout....They take a shocker and see want is there already!!!!!!!!
My friend is not a typical Whooper teller.HE is
almost fanatical about trout....He would not tell me where the land was....He teased me for most of
the evening....He told me that the hole was really deep and I should use deep diving Rapalas for this
once in a lifetime fish...........OVER 27 INCHES!!!!!!!!!!He told me that it wouldn't be fair to the trout to tell the location...With a little recon through the state office I learned there were only three stretches of land bought by the DNR in this county in the last 3 years..............I found the hole....I rolled
it twice....I have been on the net since that day trying to get some pointers...hints how to catch this....I have tried every imaginable way to catch
this monster....I have not tried fly fishing for it...Process of elimination...I need a rig that will handle a large fish.....I hope one of you guys can tell me which rig in the Hook and Hackle will do the trick..THe ones I'm looking at are the
Plueger all in one rigs.... please HELP

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