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Posted by A. Sago - NGTO on August 11, 1998 at 16:28:28:

In Reply to: Re: Growing Pains posted by Speck on August 11, 1998 at 05:44:23:

Basically you got it right. They withdrew their
sponshorship because of some of the langauge
and inferences of some of the messages on the
board and although as I said before I appreciate
a good constructive thread as much as the next
guy I understand their concern. I have to
admit the whole meat-chucking thing got out of
hand with the references to "blow-up dolls" and
name calling..etc...and their concern was mainly
that their shop was being associated with these
thoughts. I also got quite a few emails from
some of the regulars on the board about how
they used to find this board to be a great resource
for both them and their children - now many of
them feel it can only be a resource for them due
to some of the language.
My first gut reaction to this is to chastise (sp?)
but when thinking about what we have going here
you have to remember that it is NOT traditional
media - NGTO is not a traditional magazine, hardly
a magazine at all.
It is an INTERNET service
and by that virtue it is not only more interactive
but is also unfortunately subject to the "natural
laws of Internet censorship" (or lack thereof)
Also another observation.....I have seen other
boards like this go through these same problems
and the ones that started trying to make stringent
rules and "oversee" messages have all failed and
traffic has decreased. Don't get me wrong, I
will be elated if we never have another thread
that gets to the point of name calling, I am just
not sure if I am ready to completely censor this
board and I don't think we need it. With the
exception of the occasional idiot drifter most
of the information here is valuable if not
for the information for its entertainment value!

> Couldn't agree more - debate tainted by name-calling is nothing more than schoolyard lip-flapping. I participated in one of the heated discussions of bait vs. flies, and while I didn't (correct me if I'm wrong) resort to name-calling, I do feel compelled to offer apologies to anyone who may have been offended by my words (NOT by my position). I hope that Unicoi's withdrawal was not brought on by such immaturity. Aaron, could you give us more info on their reasons for leaving?

> Speck
> Defender of Christ, truth, and reason
> Fisher of men and speckled char

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