Re: Picking a fly fishing rig..???FLIES???

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Posted by Spinner on August 11, 1998 at 16:47:29:

In Reply to: Re: Picking a fly fishing rig posted by Gman on August 11, 1998 at 15:23:54:

> Good for you. Hook and Hackle offers some great bargains, and during the month of August, stuff is 20% off!!!! I know because I ordered from them today. Don't know if that includes rods, though.

> Were it me, I'd get a 8 to 8 1/2 foot 5wt rod, a pretty good reel, and a Double Taper Floating (DTF) fly line, or a Weight Forward (WF F) 5 wt line, which might be slightly easier to cast. DT is more economical because you can use both ends. Best buy is Cortland 333, or Scientific Anglers Air Cell (first choice).

> I'd also get some tapered leaders down to 4X, (the 4X is the small end, you can tie on some 5X tippet material if you want to go smaller, cut some off if you want to fish for bass.) you can get them at K-Mart, but at 20% off, I'd get them from H & H. I'd get a spool of 3, 4, and 5X tippet material, also.

> Hook and Hackle is supposed to have a pretty good rod, I don't know. Pfleuger Supreme is supposed to be a very good rod for the price, and it's very reasonable, and it would probably be my first choice if I wanted to conserve my bucks. Cabella's has GREAT low-priced rods also, BTW, and if it weren't for that 20% discount, I'd give them a shot. If you got quite a bit more money to spend, maybe a St. Croix, which is still pretty reasonable but higher than those I've mentioned so far, and an excellent rod (I have 3).

> I'd also get a pair of forceps and a clipper, some dry fly floatant, and a box of sinkers, size bb and smaller for nymphs. Oh, and some flyline backing.

> Others might have equally good reccommendations, so you should listen to all of us and make up your own mind. Don't think you can go wrong with this bunch.

Gman...I asked for some help..THANK YOU...I
neglected to get your input on what kind a fly
and size fly you would use. I have set up a cam-
corder on the hole three times..The times I rolled
it I didn't have it with me..It went after a bronze
body and bladed panther martin size six...and a
Strom Long "A" Bomber...Neither one has caught anything out of the hole since the two rolls...I
have caught a small trout almost every time I have
been there and spooked the hole more times than
not...It only feeds at night and just before nightfall...I have gone to this same hole 80 times
and only gotten a couple rolls that I am certain
was my ghost trout..The times I had the camcorder
there I did see some surface feeding and tried to zoom in and see what was doing it....It disappeared as fast as it appear..GHOST...The
stream has a sharp bend and a deep hole there about 6 feet deep..The stream then straightens out
for about 20 yards...The straight is where it feeds and then there is another bend and there is a huge willow tree and the roots go into the water.
I think this is its HOME.....Please give me some
tips or pointers...
Ghost Trout

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