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Posted by The real story on August 13, 1998 at 10:33:47:

In Reply to: MASTER CASTER AND POPPER BOY (EPISODE 4) posted by YOU KNOW on August 11, 1998 at 12:29:08:

"I'm scared", said Poppy boy. "Shut up and scoot over, I can't hold you all day" responded Nasty caster. "No one saw us catch those three limits of trout on corn. That dumb warden won't catch us. Even if he does, I have powerful friends. Now, put away those corn cans and spinning rods, we are coming up on Jones bridge. I have several friends who fish here and they would have a ballistic fit if they saw me with that meatchunking paraphernalia".

As the hypocritical duo unloaded their Range Rover, lit their merschum pipes and donned top of the line waders, a couple of average guys (Spin-blade and Meat fly) walked up to the evil fly-fishermen. "Hey ya'll, would you mind if we fished here?' said Spin-blade. Nasty caster sized up the situation. He noticed Spin-blade carried a spinning rod, Meat fly had a tube full of crickets, and they both arrived driving a pick-up with a bumper sticker that read, "Don't blame me, I voted for Bush". There was no way Nasty caster could let riff-raff like this fish with them. Nasty finally replied, "We normally don't allow pond scum like you around here, but I will make an exception in your case---just don't fish within 50 yards of me and stay downstream".

Spin-blade and Meat fly quickly caught their limits on white rooster-tails, fat nightcrawlers, and potato fed crickets. Nasty caster and Poppy boy could not have caught a cold that day. No hatch-No luck. They would not get caught dead fishing with their regular stand-by (corn) at Jones bridge. The trout wanted real meat or at least something that resembled hearty food.

As the evil, pompous fly-fishermen and the average guys walked up the bank and a few of Nasty's "elitist" friends gasped at what they saw. Cameron the IV (Elitist friend) jerked off his expensive Ray-Ban's and said, "Nasty, I can't believe you let these low-life meatchunkers out fish you. What an embarrassment. Don't come to the country club tonight!".

Nasty caster and Poppy boy hung their heads in shame. "Don't worry Poppy", Nasty said, "you can come to my place tonight. I'll give you a good back rub, we can sip some cognac and prepare for the Clinton rally tomorrow.

Spin-blade and Meat fly went home, popped open a couple of cold beers, grilled the trout and watched the Braves game on T. V..

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