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Posted by Denver York on August 18, 1998 at 10:19:40:

In Reply to: Which Fly Lines? posted by Denver York on August 17, 1998 at 14:32:58:

I think I may have found part of the problem. I use sunscreen with bug repellant in it. I may have now damaged my cheapo-limp fly-line. Oh well, I hope it will last me until deer season starts. Then I will forget about it until grouse season closes.

Anyway, I think highly of cortland's leaders and tippet material, but I am not impressed with the one line I purchased from them. I'm afraid to drop $40+ for a "better" line from them. I think I'll probably give one of the Cabela's Prestige ( WF6F, for my heavy rod ) a try next spring. I like the fact that they have a braided loop attached and are bi-colored to mark where the belly ends, plus the price seems reasonable ( $25 ).

Thanks for the advice.

Also, has anyone tried LL Bean's lines or Orvis?

> Hello All,

> I have a question about fly lines. I have used a Cortland 333HT for about a year and have since went back to the cheapo white stuff that came with my outfit ( from Cabela's ). The biggest problem with the 333HT is that it has developed significant areas with kinks, and other un-uniformities in it. Also, it is too stiff ( in my opinion ). The cheap line is limper and seems to shoot farther because of this. I have only been fly fishing two years and thought I'd ask for some advice.

> Basically, what kinds of lines do you reccomend? I want one that will last some time ( 2+ years ) before it gets kinked up, etc. Also, I want one that will cast well. From my experience, I seem to have better luck shooting line with one that is limper. However, all the advertisements seem to be proud of the stiffness of their lines. BTW, brand-name isn't important to me, as long as it is a good line.

> Has anyone ever used the Prestige line from Cabela's?

> Thanks,
> Denver

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