Trout stream declassification

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Posted by Superchub on August 27, 1998 at 21:55:42:

I hate to say this but I told y'all this thing with the stream buffers wasn't dead. The theory is probably sound in that if the streams that are on the declassification list don't support trout then by taking them off, DNR can strengthen their enforcement of the designated streams. Unfortunately, I would suggest that funding levels won't support this policing, anymore than the existing levels support policing at the present level. This was a political power move fed by money. This is a decisive win for the developers and landholders (the ones without scruples) and a loss for the streams and the environment. I am not an eco-shrieker or extremist but this continual rape of the land for the almighty dollar has gotten old. I am for landholder rights but rights without attending self policing and morals is the exact reason we have government intervention to force morals. Each trip to N. Ga. the streams and watersheds are muddier and it won't get better. It may sound trite but to beat this type of backdoor attack you have to beat it from for office and learn to play the game, which is what it is but a game with serious consequences.
My two and 1/2 cents!!!

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