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Posted by Flyguy on August 28, 1998 at 20:11:47:

In Reply to: ants/dropper posted by loren on August 28, 1998 at 19:28:05:


I fished the jacks with Aaron last Sunday and had a great day. We went in at Dolly Gap and hiked for about 2 to 3 miles and the fishing was very good. We caught 10 or so between us and lost that many or more. They were hitting the fly very quick so you have to be on the ball. All of our fish cam on and elk hair caddis #14 to 16 and bead head prince nymph #12 to 16. Aaron fish the two as a dropper and I just swithched back and forth from nymph to dry. I used a strick indicator on my nine foot leader and ajusted it according to the depth of the want the indicator up you leader about 1 to 1 1/2 times the depth of the water. With a dry and a nymph you do not use a indicator as the dry acts as your indicator. Most indicators work about the same and even the strike putty works OK on smaller streams and rivers...any one of them will do.

They two ways I tie droppers are 1: Tie your dry on the end of your leader first...Then with a 12" to 14" piece of tippit the same size of smaller..Tie one end of it to the eye on the dry and then tie the dropper to the other end. 2: Tie on the dry and with the same size tippet or smaller tie one end to the bend of the hook at the end of the shank and the other end to the nymph. Remember that the dry has to support the nymph so make sure the dry is bigger or can support the nymph. You can also use floating spray to help the dry stay on top of the water. I think the spray work well over the gel like stuff.

Also you should not need wadders...well at Dolly Gar that is. Most of the time you will be on the rockks or less than knee deep and wadders will a pain on the hike there and back.

Goos luck and let us know how you do...


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