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Posted by J. Webb on September 07, 1998 at 22:22:11:

In Reply to: Re: Dukes Creek posted by NetBoy on September 06, 1998 at 18:32:04:

> > I'll be hitting Dukes Creek this upcoming Wednesday afternoon with a couple of friends.
> > Was anyone out there this weekend? Reports on flies and techniques would be especially handy
> > since I just learned that one can only carry barbless flies on the trophy section.
> > Thanks,
> > Seth
> > a.k.a. - in Algonkian -> Fish-on-the-Brain

> Fished Dukes Sunday morning. Water crystal clear and low. Did manage one 12" bow on a 16 GRHE. Fished in the head of a big pool. Missed two good fish on a olive elk hair caddis.

> All of Dukes Creek is barbless. I heard they checked some people and confiscated the flies that were not barbless. About time they started checking.

> Can someone tell me if rain helps the fishing at Dukes?
> The only thing I like about the clear water is that you can easily see the huge beautiful fish that are almost impossible to catch.

> Thanks
> NetBoy
> Memo to self : Do rain dance before next Dukes trip.

Fished Dukes again Sunday afternoon(my regular time frame) with mixed results. I used the spinning reel drifting artificials and caught a fiesty 15"+ rainbow. The reel was malfunctioning(I cleaned and lubricated it, works every time!) so I grabbed the fly rod for the first time in a long while. The fact is unless the dries are working I get little thrill out of fishing the fly rod. I can cast to many more places fishing the same terminal tackle and get it closer to the bottom. So anyway, I did throw a few nymphs and a green caterpillar imitation with little response. I tied on a large caddis(12) and had little response. The go to dry for me is a beetle(japanese?) This is a little styro/hard foam boby fly with what looks like peaFOUL(this is silly; I suggest requiring email and using real names, much of this silliness would end if people had to take credit for what they wrote) legs. It is deadly. I saw few fish rising but that is not really a requirement at Duke's. The fish do not neccessarily have to have a hatch to get turned on. It poured with electrical activity for the second straight week. The water will remain clear for about an hour or so after a hard, short rain. This can actually stimulate the fish to be looking for food. I saw a few fish rise or turn on my fly but no large fish came up.

I was ready to quit but decided to fish the hole by the road once more on the way in. There was a very nice fish (18" or more) right at the mouth of the center culvert. It was obviously feeding. I made several casts up there and then the fish turned. I had no real idea where my beetle was and thought the fish either spooked or just moving. It then came up and SUCT in my beetle. I set the hook and had it on to the reel. Played it just briefly before it broke off under what I thought was to little pressure. I suspect a bad knot.

I suggest natural colored san juan worms(or angle worms with spinning outfit), inchworm imitations and dries the beetle or almost any light colored 'winged' flies.

Good luck,

J. Webb

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