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Posted by Gman on September 12, 1998 at 09:29:52:

In Reply to: Tippet size 2x 4x etc. and other questions posted by Bill Findlay on September 11, 1998 at 13:01:59:

The "X" size is the diameter of the tippet, which relates to how strong it is, and how invisible. Generally, in dry fly fishing, you can get a ball park figure by dividing the size of the fly by four, as was pointed out earlier. If you get an odd number, like a size ten fly, go to the smaller tippet (i.e. a 3X tippet rather than a 2X. But I'd probably go 4X.) Smaller tippets are harder for the fish to see, plus they (IMO) affect drag less.

Fishing wets, nymphs, or streamers, the tippet size isn't as important, and you can go bigger, and you'll need too or lose lots of flys on rocks. I ususally use a 3X for this, which is strong enough (8.2 pounds) to keep from losing too many flies. You might could go even stronger if the water is off-color. If the water is low and clear, I've not had much luck with wet flys anyway. But low and clear calls for LONG tippets of very small diameter. Maybe 3' of 7X at extreme conditions.

Diameter is supposed to be constant from manufacturer, but it's probably not. Diameter is important in tapering you leader. A 0-X tippet is .011 and it tapers one thousands per tippet size to 7X, which is .004. The most common size tippets I use are 5X and 6X for dries. ("A five is six, a six is five" is a way of remembering that a 5X is .006 and a 6X is .005.)

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