skunked at Burrells Ford

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Posted by rob on September 14, 1998 at 22:45:47:

Hi, all. I spent the weekend up at Burrells Ford- it was spectacular weekend to camp up there, but a terrible weekend for catching trout- I got totally skunked!. I spent 9 hours fishing Saturday and 6 on sunday, focusing on early morning and later evening times cause I figured the trout would be more active then.
Forgive me, but I am new to the sport so I don't know all the right names of fly patterns yet, but I hope you all can help correct or guide me: I used small BWO's to imitate the small gray/white flies I saw, elk hair caddis (medium sized, tan, white, red & white) to imitate the larger white moths/flies I saw, a split tail fly that looked like a "mayfly" just leaving its shuck behind (because I saw split tails fluttering, and I used terrestrials like cricket and ant imitations, as well as stimulator-dropper (to look like bees, flies, crickets and the droppers as shiny bead head beetles or plain black ants) as a last ditch.
Am I wrong in thinking that the river up there is fished out and the fish I saw rising AM & PM were the old and wiley ones that were too good to be fooled by my clumsiness? I realize that section of the river is non-stocked and encouraged to be catch & release (so say the signs) but I saw two dead gutted trout floating in the river (disconcerting), so I wonder...
Has anyone else been up there? Was it me being a novice and not having any luck (that's ok- I enjoy learning and understand that success comes with time and patience), or are trout simply rare up there now?

Sorry to run on so long, but I got a little frustrated and seek your advice.


Where's that tomato juice- somebody smells like skunk round here...

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