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Posted by jeffg on September 18, 1998 at 08:00:12:

In Reply to: Night Fishing posted by TS on September 17, 1998 at 20:11:57:

Night fishing is a blast. It is almost surreal in its ways.
If you are going to do it....go to an area you are VERY familiar with,
or scout out the area before hand. During the day check around you for
trees, branches in the water or really anything you can imagine that
will catch your line while casting, stripping line etc.

Then get yourself a small flashlight. A "red lens" works well, and does not leave
you night blinded after you use it. Just try to keep your light off the water
as much as possible..(dont know if it is true, but have always heard it spooks fish).

You can also boost of your leader size a night too. No light to reflect off your tippet to spook fish.
And if your going to chuck buggers and the like, use the dark flies for dark nights kinda thing. Black will
show up better at night then lighter colors. Same way darker flies show up better in cloudy water.

Take a friend is always good advice. Especially if something happens while you are out there. And if you are on the Hootch, make sure
you take something or have some kind of mark to check if the water is coming up or not. At night it is very, very difficult to see the water
coming up. This I know from experience night fishing on the Little Red in Arkansas.

Some of the best things about night fishing though....the bigger browns are mostly
nocturnal, you have the best chance of catching a trophy then, every fish feels like a monster
since you do not have visible contact, fish will hit and shock you kind of the way
a pheasent will shock you coming out of the brush, you have to rely on all your sense, it is totally uncrowded
, and you can have some total peace and solitude while your out there.

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