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Posted by superchub on September 20, 1998 at 21:00:42:

In Reply to: Killer Caterpillars posted by A. Sago - NGTO on September 19, 1998 at 21:05:18:

Ah! finally a topic close to my field! for those of y'all who care... the caterpillar was probably a saddleback caterpillar (though there are a couple others that do the same lurking around this tiem of year). The saddleback, so named because of the brown/black "saddle" imprint on their backs, have stinging hairs on their body....take a wasp sting and add to it the impact of a hammer and nail and you have what Mark got zapped with. Alergic reactions all over the scale...I swell when I get popped but nothing more serious...others can have severe reactions! Luckily not many of these rascals around...Mother Natture has a curious way of not allowing some of the nastier beasties to proliferate..but I digress. If any of y'all have been out to the midwest and run into stinging nettle in this area you have experienced similiar agony. A plant in the south called Cnidoscolus stimulosa gives a lesser sting.
As I said, luckily most of us won't run into these critters BUT this year the caterpillar populations are VERY if you do as Mark did and get into some brush along the river or anywhere in the woods be careful...these caterpillars have a varied diet so they could be munching on anything. If you are sensitive to such things you may need to carry an antihistimine or some thing I am out of my scope so I'll stop!
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