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Posted by Harold G. Tucker on June 19, 1997 at 12:08:18:

In Reply to: Captain's Exam. posted by Captain Rich L. on December 22, 1996 at 10:26:26:

: PO BOX 3101

: Fellow Boater:

: You donít have to go to school and you donít have to spend hundreds of dollars on text books to become a captain. You can study at your leisure, in your home or wherever you can find a quiet place. I did it on lunch breaks, at home, or waiting in line at the bank.

: Seven years ago when I started to study for the Coast Guard Examination, I spent a lot of money on books that are needed to study for the exam. I started reading from the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Rules book and was immediately bored. Realizing that I still had many books to study, I knew I needed something better. Then, I remembered my days of studying street schemes while working for the Post Office. The accepted method was then, and is now, ďFlash Cards.Ē

: Anytime a lot of information must be memorized, flash cards are the best way to do it. It even works for children. You can carry a small amount of them in your pocket or in the glove compartment of your car. Thatís not to say that proper study habits are not necessary. Everything that you do should be planned. I read all of those books but I made up the cards as I read. Then, I just studied the cards. It worked, I passed the exam. Now Iím a working Captain operating my own charter boat, and you can take advantage of my cards and study for the test without purchasing and reading all of those books. You wonít even need to go to class. Itís quicker, faster, more convenient and less expensive. My cards are professionally printed and updated with the latest 1996 Coast Guard changes.

: Getting a license takes considerable effort and determination and that is what makes it special. The Captainís license represents a special achievment and it certainly is for me. The best way to study depends on you and your special needs. If you use my flashcards, you do not need to make many trips to a classroom, you can study at your own speed without being held up by others or struggling to keep up. You can set your own schedule and change it when you want to. You donít have to pay a high tuition and still need to purchase books, videos and assorted equipment. With my flashcards, you will need a pair of dividers and a parallel ruler which you can get in any good marine supply store, and a regular calculator. The dividers and parallel ruler donít cost much so get good ones, a spare calculator is a good idea too. Thatís it. Nothing more to buy. I wonít try to sell you a video or audio, I donít sell software or books or
: any other extras, just my flashcards and with them you wonít need anything else, not even a seminar.

: There are thousands of questions in the Coast Guard database. Many of them are so similar that they are not all needed. Many more are for higher level licenses. If you were to try to use the database you would go crazy trying to determine which questions will be asked for your level of license. I have selected those questions for you, and put them into a form that is easy to study. They are separated into the same sections that are used for the test. They are The Navigation Rules, Deck Safety, Deck General, Navigation and Navigation Problems. These are all the questions and answers that you will need for the Operator, Uninspected Power Vessel (six pack) or 100 Ton Masters. Try flipping some of the enclosed sample cards to see how it works. Youíll see that where necessary, I have included some hints and advice. The cards will cost you less than a cent each at only $159.95. To order, just send a check or money order to me at PO Box 3101, Cherry Hill, NJ 08034. You can start preparing for the test now and be a captain next season.

: If you would like help in only one or two areas you can purchase any of the sections for $49.95 each. Navigation and Navigation Problems are combined as one section. Also available for only $12.95 are the study cards for the Marine Radio Operators Permit (MROP). You will need the MROP only if you are preparing for the Masters and it is not a part of the Coast Guard exam. Testing for the MROP is administered by the FCC.

: The doors that a Captainís license opens for you are limited only by your imagination. Positions such as private yacht captain, yacht delivery, fishing guide, charter boat captain, etc, etc, etc. Today I am operating my own charter boat and I am involved in delivery of new yachts for a major east coast manufacturer. The opportunities to make a living doing the things that you enjoy most are limited only by your imagination. How many people do you know who love their work? I know quite a few, including myself and theyíre all Captains.

: Rich
: Capt. Rich Lanzillotti

: PS: Send me your mailing address and I will send you sample flashcards.

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