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Posted by PGM on August 16, 1997 at 11:53:19:

In Reply to: Re: CATCH & RELEASE/calcium carbonate posted by Hooker on August 15, 1997 at 18:27:49:

> >PGM,
> I agree with you on the slow release of the
> CaCO3. The leaching process that pulls the CaCO3
> out of limestone is very slow, and a sudden shift
> in the pH of the Hooch could be disasterous. Also,
> high pH water or "hard" water will not allow soap
> to work, and makes mineral deposits inside of pipes.
> For these reasons alone, I'm sure that Atlanta
> homemakers, and the City of Atlanta Water Department
> would be seriously upset about a change in the
> chemical makeup of the Hoochs' water just to please
> a few trout fishermen.
> The key is the presence of CO2 in the water. This
> is basis of the food chain, and the difference between
> a good trout stream and a legendary trout stream.
> Check these figures out:

> Stream CO2 trout non-trout food
> (ppm) (lbs/acre) (lbs/acre) (lbs/acre)

> Hooch 5-10 10 45 100
> Au Sable 20-30 30 270 750
> Gunnison 60-90 60 540 3,500

> Again, I think the Chattahoochee is a phenomenal
> fishery I spend 60+ days a year fishing it, and I
> can't wait to get back everytime I leave it.
> My concern is people that want to make it into
> something that is simply not possible.
> It is a put and take trout stream that is managed
> for the enjoyment of the general public.
> I think it could be a semi-trophy trout stream if
> all 15"+ trout were released, but that can't be
> regulated.

> Enjoy the stockers, appreciate the anticipation of
> a possible trophy, and go with the flow.

> Hooker

Hooker, I am in complete agreement with your thinking. We have some beautiful waters in GA and more very close in NC and TN. What I enjoy most is being out on the river early in the morning and smelling the moist air and watching the mist roll across the water! Catching the fish is just icing on the cake. A good day is just getting away and being on the river or creek.
I have caught some of my biggest fish on the Chattahoochee, both at Settles Bridge. An 18" Brown and a 19" Rainbow. C&R'd the Brown but unfortunately the Rainbow was worse for wear and was really bleeding so he was kept. I am by no means a purist. I switch from flyfishing to ul spinning constantly severely enjoying the hunt for the lure of the day. My only brush with purity comes from my artificial only philosophy....which to me makes it more of a challenge...and also allows me to spend copious amounts on new lures!
The CO2/# figures are an eye opener! I have fished the Gunnison and reaped it's rewards. You are probably right in that in our river situation we are very blessed.

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