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Posted by Len Taliaferro on September 03, 1997 at 13:52:57:

In Reply to: Opinion's Sought: posted by Skip Robinson on September 03, 1997 at 10:48:17:

> I really have enjoyed reading WHY we all fish,thanks to Hooker.
> I am curious as to this:
> How do you guys feel when you see someone else posting directions and/or
> hints about your favorite stream or fishing hole on a popular billboard.?
> This has happened a couple of times to me. I was wondering how my fellow
> anglers feel about it

Skip -- I think this is an individual and personal decision. In my case, I have no problem sharing information on
the places I fish because I want others to enjoy the same good experiences that I have had. In the case of trout
fishing in North Georgia, most of the streams are stocked regularly and are open to the public. Many are crowded
throughout the season. But they don't belong to us individually, they belong to all of us, collectively. And, many
of the smaller trout are caught soon after stocking by bait fishermen. But I've found that I can
generally catch larger hold-over fish by fly fishing in direct competition with the bait fishermen. As a result, we
both enjoy our sport. What bothers me much worse is what I perceive to be arrogance on the part of many fly fishing
purists. They seem to look down their noses at bait fishermen and belittle their fishing methods. Many of the purists
seemto think that catch and release is the only approrpiate method of fishing anywhere. I frankly think there's room
for all of us. In fact, I do not believe that the fly fishing purist would have anywhere near the opportunity for a wide
variety of trout streams if it were not for the popularity of trout fishing among bait fishermen. They create the
demand which results in the widespread stocking programs and they pay their way through their purchase of fishing
licenses and trout stamps. And while sometimes I get a bit frustrated with crowds and inconsiderate yocals, I try to
remember if it weren't for them, I might not have the opportunity to catch that holdover two-pounder on a fly.

I also support a limited number of artificials only, catch and release with minimum size limits in order to build
trophy trout areas. But in order to have those kinds of streams, you've got to have the revenues from those who
fish for meat and don't mind keeping five and six-inch stockers.

I personally won't keep a fish less than ten inches and then only if I plan to have them for dinner. But that's my
choice. I've also found that even if I have a really special hole, often it's not easily accessible and even if I
pass it on, only a serious fisherman will make the effort to get to it. Sometimes, the best fishing places protect
themselves by being hard to get to. Most meat fishermen are going to fish only those spots that are easy to get to.

Finally, I feel that if I pass on a good fishing location to a fellow fisherman, perhaps he, or she, will develop
the same love for the sport and the same appreciation for protecting the fishery and the environment that I have.
To me, the good things in life are things that we share with others, whether it be directly or spiritually. Fly
fishing for trout is one of those good things.


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