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Posted by Dan Flynn on September 06, 1997 at 22:56:56:

In Reply to: Re: Mountaintown Creek posted by Ken Bradshaw on August 22, 1997 at 17:11:38:

> > > On Sunday 8/17/97 I tried to find Mountaintown Creek. I was interested in the stretch above Hill's Lake but FS 90 to the lake was closed. In dispair I went back to Bear Creek camping area but was not sure how far it was to the lake and the legendary fishing above.
> > > Can somone tell me how far above the camping area is the lake and how is the fishing on the way up? Also, what can I expect fishing wise above the lake and fly suggestions.

> > > Thanks,
> > > Rod Murray
> > > Cleveland, TN

> > I can't say that I am an expert on the area as I have only fished it once. I was using the directions from Jacob's book to find the stream and unless I just completely misunderstood, the directions, specifically the mileage outside of Ellijay, is not accurate.
> > Although I went to the portion of the stream more easily accessible first, it held many fish(winter). I then left to fish the upper section above Hill's Lake. The road in is more rugged, ORV/SUV is suggested. I had some concerns as I drove past no trespassing signs
> > and private property. The stream is there though and you can not miss it as it is at the end of the existing logging road. I did not have much time as the days were short and I wanted to get out before dark. I was using a spinning outfit, dead drifting artificials.
> > The stream does look to be very well suited for fly casting. AS for patterns, I would suggest Hare's Ear as usual(most any of the typical nymph patters), San Juan worm in natural/brown or red, and likely an elk hair caddis. These fish do not appear to get a lot of
> > pressure and though a stealthy approach is indicated, they should be aggresive.

> > As for going in, the road before the campground entrance is actually a better route for both sections. I only exited this way so I am unsure of my path. There should be a road, unpaved, on your left at some point. As I recall, it would be the first road you will come to.
> > The loggin road you are looking for is just before a bridge. I wish I could be more specific on directions, but this is the best I can do from memory. I may have a topo with this area and will update if this is the case.

> > Good luck,

> > Joe Webb

> Those of you who are interested in access to Mountaintown will be sorry to hear that the road to the lower end has been under pressure from the few residents there to close it off for private use.

> In the past few months the county commissioners have allowed the owners to take control of the access because the Forest Service would not maintain the condition and the county is nearly broke, hence their inability to afford maintenance. There were 2 semi surprise county commission meetings which several of our Trout Unlimited chapters attended. Well, we made it to the first one. The second was advertised one full week after the meeting actually took place.
> At this second meeting the FS did not or could not commit to upkeep, (if they showed up at all) and, word is, the commission allowed the owners the right to lock the gate.

> Unfortunately, this access point was the direct route to the area where TU has put in countless hours of stream renovation and structure installation. Also, the issue of closure is clouded by the state statutes regarding public access.

> At this writing no one is sure of the future of the access but, if you are in the area and have any observations on the lower road, please post the info here.

> Ken Bradshaw, Pres.
> Cohuttas Chapter of Trout Unlimited

> I passed the Mountaintown Creek road today on my way to fish the Conasauga. The gate was open at 7AM and it was open at 8PM also.

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