Re: Need help near Helen Ga. for November

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Posted by Len Taliaferro on September 08, 1997 at 09:44:53:

In Reply to: Re: Need help near Helen Ga. for November posted by David on September 05, 1997 at 16:44:05:

> We at Unicoi Outfitters appreciate your comments on our store and do acknowledge that we often do run out of licenses and are not very prompt to restock.
> License sales are very time consuming and, from a business standpoint not a very good way to tie up several hundred, if not thousands of dollars.
> I believe we only make $0.50 per licence and the state has just recently ask dealers to pay additionally for shipping and handling.
> I was not aware that liscenses were so hard to come by here in North Georgia.
> We will make an extra effort to keep fishing liscenses in stock this fall,
> as we plan to be open full time in, what is historically, the off-season.

> We are glad to learn from your comments and hope to serve you better in the future!


> > > My family is staying in Helen over thanksgiving and I want to do some fishing while there.
> > > If anybody can tell me (a) wher to buy an out of state license
> > > and (b) A decent place to fish. I would be really grateful
> > > I am in the process of teaching my wife to fish so hatchery water is fine and dandy for us.
> > > thanks in advance and good luck to everybody.
> > > Skip

> > Skip -- Been thinking about the license situation and you might be wise to check sporting goods
> > stores and bait shops before you get into the North Georgia area. Last time I was there in
> > November, I had to drive nearly 100 miles before I found a shop which had licenses in stock.
> > I swore that I would buy my licenses in south Georgia while enroute since the trout stamp is
> > good all year and all I needed was the 7-day license. Don't know whether dealers in other
> > areas handle trout stamps or not, but it's certainly worth a try.

> > Len

Dave -- Hope you did not take my comments as criticism. Your shop is usually my first stop when I get into the area since your blackboard has most of
the information I need on where to fish and what to fish with. Also it provides a good opportunity to pick up flies or fly tying stuff or, for that matter
any other stuff I need. Your employees tend to be pretty knowledgable, also, though, like licenses, you never seem to be in stock when I'm there, either.

What you say about licenses and the hassle is common to what I hear from other license outlets in that area. They only have them available for the convenience
of the customer because they technically lose money (time) in dealing with all the red tape and paperwork that goes along with handling them. When I was up there
in early August, you were out; Unicoi State Park was out; my usual little general store was closed; Moccasin Creek State Park was out and two other store that
normally carry them were out. We finally found them at an out-of-the-way commerical campground and she had one left when our group of three was done. And, that
was in mid-season. Last November, I camped at Unicoi. They were out, you were out; the little service station/general store south of you was out; Moccasin Creek
was out; a little general store next to Lake Burton was out; the little general store near the Tallulah River was out and the big general store near the Tallulah
River had quit carrying them. I finally had to go all the way to Clayton to find one. Because it was so late in the season, I really did get a little panicky
because I was afraid I wouldn't find one at all. By the time I made the rounds and got back to Unicoi, I had driven over 100 miles.

I'm sure there are more dealers than I'm aware of, but I also know that some of the smaller stores don't want to deal with them because of the hassle. And, I can't
say that I blame them too much, or you. But it's usually an adventure when I get to north Georgia and start license hunting. Seem like I have more trouble finding
a license than I do finding fish.

In any case, I appreciate the support you've given this board. I always try to buy something from you when I'm up there and I'll continue to stop even if you don't
have licenses. I can go nuts in a shop lake yours though I usually manage to restrain myself. Thanks for being there.


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