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Posted by J. Webb on September 10, 1997 at 23:53:54:

In Reply to: Re: Questions RE: Soque River posted by Hooker on September 10, 1997 at 21:48:04:

> Matt,
> That's a definite possibility. Waters Creek
> isn't a particularly fertile stream, and to keep
> all those trophy trout happy and healthy, the DNR
> has to hand feed them. I'm sure you could do the
> same.
> A funny story about Waters Creek and the hand feeding
> happened when a savy NGTO patron designed a fly that
> looked like a trout pellet and cleaned house. The
> DNR couldn't say a word, because it was an artificial
> bait. Whoops, I shouldn't have said that.
> The Mark of the Potter is an old grist mill just
> south of Helen that sits over a large pool filled
> with enormous trout. They do not allow any fishing.
> You can only feed the them and consider the possibilities.
> I don't stop there anymore, because I wake up in a
> cold sweat for a week after watching them.

> Screaming Drags

> Hooker


I think you may be mistaken about where the Mark of the Potter is located. It is
on the Soque. I have fished the next property up, now a 'pay to fish' area which
adjoins the Brigadoon(which I also had an opportunity to fish... not likely to afford
to return but fun anyway). This is also in relatively close proximity to Riverside
Trout Pond and the original pay to fish site guided by 'Bear'.

Also, I fished Water's Creek before there was an NGTO, and learned from those who
fished it before the average citizen had access to the Internet and long before
there was anything remotely resembling the World Wide Web. The bait to which you refer
has been used for many years at Water's without any concern from the DNR(which only
occasionally even patroled the stream). As for cleaning house, the limit was one fish
per day and two per year. I fished it MANY times with a regular group of about 8 - 10
anglers, one of whom is now heading Trout Unlimited regionally.

Any of the 'trophy' trout streams you fish are 'hand fed' including Duke's and the Soque.
Now you make consider the lower 'Hooch a trophy area and there are some large(very large)
trout to be found there. They of course feed on natural prey which is very abundant in the
river at that point.

The latest information I have is that the Mark of the Potter is in fact open to pay as you
go fishing. The details sound as if it is quite expensive and ther is a very limited time
slot available. They are thinning out the population.

There is also a new pay to fish venture in Helen at the south end of town in the Nora Mill

Sorry if I stepped on any toes. I have a real fondness of Water's Creek born of many long
days trying to outwit some very large trout in a beautifull natural environment.


J. Webb

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