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Posted by J. Webb on September 12, 1997 at 00:13:54:

In Reply to: Re: Questions RE: Soque River posted by Hooker on September 11, 1997 at 23:01:10:

> You didn't step on my toes. You contributed
> some great info. Please comment more often.

> "Clean house" was a bad choice of words. The person
> caught and released a large number of trophy trout, is
> what I meant to say.

> Obviously, this is a great bait for Waters!

> Hooker

I usually don't feel qualified to comment on most subjects. I enjoy trout angling and have developed a reasonable degree of skill with UL spinning. I have been focusing more one my flyfishing this year. The fact is that I havae always fished mostly the same things on my spinning outfit as I would on my fly rod. Even a dry fly or two behind a casting bubble, with no luck though. While I admire the well healed fly fisherperson's ability to match a hatch, my experience is that at least in mountain strealms there a sporadic hatches. Without a doubt, there are three lures/baits I could suggest for most any stream in N. Georgia. The pom pom or fish pellet imitation obviously works well on fed streams but I have caught many remote, wild fish with the same bait. I suppose that trout are fulfilling their opportunistic urgings and sampling the only wat they can, with there mouth. The other two baits would be a green worm and then a natural or red san juan or angle worm.

The difference is that with the spining outfit I can make a more precise cast in more restricted cover with a better chance of feeling a take as I drift tight line down stream. The dries have been working well at Duke's in teh evening s though and nothing quite compares to a fish either sipping a little fly off the surface or busting it right out of the water.

If your philosophy will allow it, tie up some pom pom/glo-bug 'nymphs'(they will hit them floating too though)Note: Bullhead Creek in NC won't let you use them though!. Try a green worm or the brown/red sanjuan worm.

If anyone does take up the Mark of the Potter on a fishing trip, please give some details here.

let's fish,

J. Webb

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