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Posted by Clint on September 15, 1997 at 22:11:01:

In Reply to: Re: "corn people" posted by KB on September 11, 1997 at 00:18:52:

> PGM,

> Oddly enough I'm not offended. Although I only live near the Corn People (Notice the capital leeters)and I'm not one of them I hope to be someday, perhaps I could be KING!
> It's worth noting that they are very simillar to the Red Neck Culture. The Red Necks in the mountains only get so far on the trail, hikers call it the "Red Neck Line", it's that point at which you stop seeing beer bottles and empty Marlboro packs and you can be assured of a real journey into the wilderness. It's like the "tree line", when you stop seeing trees.
> My problem as an Anthropologist is that I've crossed the line somewhere, I'm no longer just the "Participant Observer", I've lost myself in my work... I do fish with corn (and you really don't wan't to know what I've caught and released) At 18,000 ft. I drank the beer and brought the bottles back down with me. I smoked a Marlboror and my lips turned blue.
> And I'm lost, I still don't know why trout love corn. Do they really feed it to them at the hatchery? Can they digest it or is that just a myth? Can I digest it? (It would appear not) Do they really belong here or were they introduced by aliens?
> Have you ever read any Edward Abbey?
> Sincerely,
> KB

> PS My real goal tonight was to find a trasnlation, to English, of Jorge Luis Borge's poem "Instantes". This is the first time the internet has failed me...

My wife and I traveled to Highlands, NC last weekend (Sept. 12,13,14)
so I could do some trout fishing near WCU. I caught my first and only
trout on my third cast. It seemed that the streams were too shallow
and slow during most of day until around five o'clock when they (someone)
open the dam upstream. This provided more water and rapids, but also
seemed to stir up sediment which clouded the water. By the way, I'm a WCU
grad and more importantly, a CORN PERSON!!!

I went into the Mainstream Outfitter's store in Highlands which sells high-end
trout fishing equipment. I asked the expert there why I didn't catch more trout. (I
know he was an expert because he was wearing a shirt and suspenders with trout
on them.) He told me that corn can actually kill trout because it stops up
their digestive tract. He added, however, that the life expectancyof released
hatchery trout is only about three weeks anyway. Since then, I have heard, and read
articles that support his claim about the corn. If you are ever in the Highlands
area, I recommend stopping by this store, they are extremely knowledgeable about
NC, GA and SC trout fishing.
Sorry, never read any Edward Abbey.


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