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Posted by GRW on May 22, 1997 at 01:16:31:

In Reply to: Fly tying advice posted by Chris England on May 21, 1997 at 13:05:01:

: I've been fly fishing for trout for over 20 years. In the past I have relied on friends
: to tie flies for me. In fact, I used to tie a few, when i was 12 or 13
: on very crude equipment, but that's been almost 15 years ago. I still remember a good bit,
: but would like to get some info on good quality instruction, and worthy
: equipment. I'm trying to stay away from picking up a "starter" kit. My assumtion is
: that I may be getting stuff that I really don't need. (I can produce on just about any river
: in GA with ~ 8 flies of varying sizes.

: Any advice would be great...
A couple years ago a student in my flyfishing class looked closely at my Renzetti vice I was
using in the class for tying instruction.The next week he showed up with his homemade version
It worked great--he bought a pair of vice grips at Big Lots took a steel bar and bent it in
the form of the Renzetti and mounted the vice grips to the working end and the other end to
a beautiful wood base laminater to a metal base.In short he had a rotory vice that would do
every thing my Renzetti would do at a the fraction off the cost.My 1st trout fly was made using
a short shank bream hook with tan yarn wrapped around it then copper wire as a ribbing and a
chicken feather as a hackle.I caught an 18"brown on this just above McClures bridge on the Hooch.
I still tie this fly today only the chicken feather is much higher Quality than then.Dont buy a
kit ,find out what you want to use and buy the materials you need for that pattern.Pretty soon
you will accumulate enough to fill a bedroom.Buy good quality especially tools eg sissors,bobbins
some make yourself eg whipfinishers,bodkins.Hope this helps GRW

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