Re: What kind of fish are in the Chattooga ?

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Posted by Laurence Holde on May 22, 1997 at 08:19:50:

In Reply to: Re: What kind of fish are in the Chattooga ? posted by John Kind on May 21, 1997 at 13:10:53:

: : I flyfished the Chattooga this weekend, and caught 3 very small (@ 2"- 4") fish that I was unfamilar with. These fish rised and took a BWO, they had orange colored slashes on their gill plates, while the larger one had a few other orange markings on the fins. Can anyone tell me what type/species of fish these are ? I also came across a large school of nice size fish holding in a flat streach of water at the base of a pool lip. At first glance I believed them to be trout, but I got a closer look and they looked like some type of carp or sucker fish, they appeared to have a small sucker type mouth. Does anyone know this fish ? In gereral what kind of fish, besides trout, can you expect to find in the N.Ga. Mts ?

: The small fish you caught are a species of shiner. I have heard them referred to as "war paint" shiners. I do not know the scientific name, but they should be in any good field guide. They are common in many streams in the mountains. You will also find a variety of other fish species such as suckers, darters and sculpins, and red eye bass in North Georgia's trout waters.

I agree you probably got on to a warpaint shiner, but also maybe a rosyside dace. Though we flyfishers are focused on trout, there are probably 20-25 other spieces of fish there. among them are daces, shiners, chub, suckers, sunfish, bluegill, darters, rock bass, stone rollers and sculpin. a really rich ecology that all works together. pretty amazing, at least to me

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