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Posted by GRW on May 28, 1997 at 23:50:56:

In Reply to: Re: Fly tying advice posted by Len Taliaferro on May 28, 1997 at 11:50:39:

: : Thanks a bunch for the info guy's, as I said prior, given the materials, and
: : a pattern book I could fumble through a couple nymph and wet patterns. Do
: : either of you have any recommendations on a good instructional video?
: : That may close the loop on some of the things I've forgotten.

: : As far as equip goes, I'm interested in picking up a pedestal mount, rotating
: : vise. Is $70.00 - $80.00 too high? If I'm going to pay those prices, I want
: : it to be capable of years of use. The other incidentals should be easy to figure
: : out. (e.g. waxed thread, wax, dubbing material, hackles, chennile, wing material, .021
: : wire, etc).

: Chris -- I'm certainly not an expert on vises but I think you should be able to do well on
: $70-$80. Mine were less than $20.00 some 25 years ago and none of them rotate. I'd guess that
: at today's prices they'd be in the $35-$50 range, new. They are basic but they've worked well
: for me. While the ability to rotate is a convenience, I certainly don't feel it's a necessity.
: Perhaps if I'd used one, I might feel differently. One thing I left out in my earlier note was
: hackle pliers which are virtually essential. Good ones are inexpensive so don't waste money on
: cheapies which can be quite frustrating when they slip loose during a key operation. Frankly, if
: I were starting from scratch, I'd spend $30-$50 on the vise and use the rest for other tools &
: materials. GRW has experience with a rotating vise and probably has a different perspective.

I agree with Len.My 1st vice was a 24dollar Thompson,I would still have today but I loaned it
a friend and he liked so much that he is still tying on it today(some 10 yrs later).Part of the
magic of Fly-tying for me was the opportunity for growing into it over the years(and lord what
a release of pressures at day's end).To be quite honest with you the only reason I have a rotary
vice was that I could spin a knob to turn the fly upside down-didn't need to take it out of the
vice.Len is right save money to get better tools and quality materials.After all the late Lee Wulff
used his fingers as a vice.

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