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Posted by GHC on June 11, 1997 at 06:55:28:

In Reply to: Re: Hooch float posted by Hooker on June 10, 1997 at 21:30:34:

: The automatic gate at Morgan Falls doesn't roll
: until 6:53. When you put in at the ramp,
: paddle across the river to the slack water and try
: to get your canoe into the discharge pool behind the
: dam. This is the best place in this whole section to
: fish. I suggest you bring an anchor.
: There is a deep hole behind the far left discharge
: which holds fish all the time. However, be prepared to
: catch Bass, Trout, Jack, Perch,and Crappie. This is
: definitly a multi-species area.
: The baits I have the most luck with is a small
: deep diving silver Shad Rap and the venerable #7 RT
: Rapala Floater.
: As you move down river, you will see a floating dock
: on the left side. Spend some time fishing this hole. It's
: great for both crappie and trout.
: The next major feature is the rock cliffs, but
: I've never caught much there or in the grass in the
: middle of the river. I usually bypass this area and
: go straight to the log jams about a mile down river on
: the left.
: A #7 RT thrown into the logs and twitched out will
: take both Brown Trout and Bass. Take your time. I usually
: throw into each log jam at least 10 times, and catch as
: many fish on the first cast as I do on the 10th cast
: There is a creek that enters the river on the left
: just before Johnson Ferry. This spot always holds fish.
: Be sure to throw at each end of that culvert that's laying
: in the river. There's always a fish inside of it.
: On Saturday, it is probably best to pull out at Johnson
: Ferry, because the rafters and bleeding heart conservationists
: will make you miserable.

: Screamin drags,

: Hooker ;-]

Thanks for the info. Speaking of multi-species areas, I have fished Bull Sluice for the last 30 years. It's one of the best kept secrets in Georgia, but unfortunately, the developers have just about eliminated it. What are you referring to (and what are the implications) when you say the gate doesn't roll until 6:53? Is there a discharge gate on each end of the dam? My son agrees with your description of the venerable #7 Rapala RT. During any given 5 hour float trip, I'll change colors and lures, but not the boy. Once he gets his Rapala on, he's set for the day as long as he has his Coke and ham sandwich. Now THAT'S quality time with your kid. I'm immediately suspicious of the ol' fish-in-the-culvert story. I'm sure you've heard the story about the giant catfish that lived in the old car at the bottom of the pond? Since this is a trout page I wont take up the space but let me know if you're not familiar with it. Thanks for the info-I'll report on Monday.

Better knots,

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