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Posted by GLAMACH on June 17, 1997 at 15:15:54:

In Reply to: Re: Buford Dam posted by HOOKER on June 17, 1997 at 13:38:49:

:This is the kind of information I can really suck up. Who would ever think about climbing a tree to see where the fish are. I have been having a problem with this.

And yes I do realize I will have less success with a fly set instead of a spin set but I enjoy the complexity of the fly set so much more. You sure must take alot of equipment with you.

A fisking Partner. Now there's a novel idea. I have not been fishing with anyone yet, unfortunately like most working stiffs I don't have any week days free.

I would sure like to talk to someone experienced. The only ones who use the phone are by two teenage sons. 770-732-8164
: : : Hooker

: : I was out on the river at Bowman's island ( Is that right at the hatchery?) and got skunked, of course that's not very hard to do since I am new to the sport

: : The water was crystal clear and the trout were no where to be seen.

: : There were several other anglers out there also and they only had little success but it looked to me as though they may have been stockers also.

: All I can say is fish where others don't, and
: cover more river. All the agressive fish around Bowman's Island were
: probably caught by 9:00am, and the others got lockjaw as a result of
: all the predators wading around. Stockers may be naive, but they are
: genetically predispositioned to be wary, and self preservation always
: dispalces hunger as a response.
: Also, if you want to go fishing for the experience, use a flyrod.
: If you want to experience catching fish, use a spinning rod. A #7 RT
: Floater bumping and flashing along the bottom of the river is much more
: tantilizing to a trout, than trying to figure out if a caddis fly is
: a piece of trash or a protein snack. Stockers are still learning what to
: eat.
: I usually use a spinning rod to prospect for trout, and when I find
: them, I'll switch to a flyrod. A spinning rod is just more efficient and
: the baits are much more attractive.
: I caught 5 stockers on the east side of Bowman's Island working the
: stairstep pools from the bottom up. I picked up three more out of a deep
: run 200 yards above the hatchery. I caught two more under the hatchery
: discharge pipe. I pulled another four out of the log piles on the east
: side of the river 200 yards below the hatchery. The final five
: I caught out of a mudline created by a creek entering the h
: "Hooch" on the west side. The muddy water was warmer than the clear water and it
: formed a canopy for the trout to hide under.
: Of the 19 trout I caught, 13 were caught on a spinning rod.
: If you want to see fish and be totally amazed at what you can't see
: standing in the water, climb a tall bank, rock or tree and observe the
: river for at least a half an hour. There was a group of 5 anglers fishing
: that first big pool below the ramp that had a pod of 30+ trout behind them
: in the shallow water. Of course, I doubt that the trout would have struck,
: but they were there, totally unseen.
: My basic strategy for fishing the "Hooch" is to operate in areas
: were most people don't, and to cover a lot of water. This summer I'm
: concentrating on several areas below Morgan Falls for a magnum trout.
: I'm always looking for partners, especially during the week. If you
: would like to go with me sometime, send me your phone number.

: Hope this helps you catch more fish.

: Hooker ;-]

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