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Adventures of The " 'Hoochee Queen "
Jes' a few pitchers from the " -'Hoochee Queen- " with me an' mah wife, Meaux. We can gen'ly be foun' fishin' on the 'Hooch from Shakerag Rock to Medlock Bridge. (Da 'Hoochee Queen is mah Gheenoe, not mah wife!)
Swamp Angel done had enuff of them no-bitin' fishies. Next one he sees, he gonna smack it in the head with a boat paddle!
Swamp Angel searchin' fer a bite 'mongst the trees between Abbott's Bridge and Medlock Bridge.
This is mah favorite scenery on this section of the 'Hooch. A man an' his best frien' hangin' out together an' enjoyin' the peace an' solitude of the...
Accordin' to the look on dat face, Swampy either just made a long distance release, or he was downwind when somebody let one.
Swampy is learnin' about trout. Seems that barbless hooks may have their place after all!
Please forgive him. Prior to trout fishin' Swampy caught catfish, bass, sac-au-lait (crappie to you Georgians and white perch to you Miss'ippians)...
A common site in the waters of the 'Hooch between Shakerag and Medlock Bridge. . . Apparently, a fertile, mating couple of golfs have made their...
Ain't no fish in this pitcher, but there are two outta three things that I like. . . The furry critter on the log wuz entertainin', and the...
Y'all will jes' have to settle fer a pitcher of a place that LOOKS fishy, because it was, an' I got real busy real fast an' there weren't no time fer...
Here's a nuther fishy stretch of calm water with the fog settlin' in fer y'all. Yessir, it was mighty fishy too, and ag'in, there weren't no time fer...
'Parently, the Swamp Angel is thinkin' of becoming a fish-dentist.  
Weren't no cavities in that one.
Swampy done found the place to make his casts by St. Ives Golf Course. They wuz all KINDS of browns and 'bows hangin' out 'neath them limbs over the...
That little brownie weren't hardly as big as the spinner he took. Gotta throw him back so he'll be big and strong enough to play varsity next year.
"Come on," hollers Meaux! "Let's seee if'n yer drake enuff to attempt boardin' this vessel without permission!"
When I lived in Sumrall, Miss'ippi, we had ducks in our pond out front of the house. Mah brother brought some of his fraternity brother from...
Drake the Duck Pirate launches hisse'f an attack in an attempt to commandeer our fishin' rig. He done approached inside the personal space of Meaux...
'Tis painfully obvious that he weren't drake enuff. Jes' like the Pirates of Barbary an' them Somali pirates, he done tuck tail an' run at the first...
Roger's Bridge is an int'restin' piece of civil injuneerin'. Lotta history to it as well. Seems the Rogers fam'ly who owned this property so many...
"Nuther pitcher of Roger's Bridge from the south lookin' north. There's a couple o' fishermen on the east side of the river tryin' to tempt them...
Suwanee Creek. In this, I am truly serious. The clean water of the Chattahoochee appears in the foreground in distinct contrast to the muddy brown...
Meaux seems a bit impatient sittin' in the 'Hoochee Queen an' a-waitin' on me to git back from parkin' mah truck. She designed an' built the sun...
Meaux done got herse'f anuther 'bow an' 'pears to be quite joyous about the little snit. Thank y'all, DNR and Buford Fish Hatchery.
Meaux does purty good at this fishin'. Before we started fishin' on the 'Hooch, we used to go up to Lanier and tight-line fer cats off the bank....
Meaux got herse'f a hitch hiker.
Meaux seems to be happy wit the bugs she attracts on our outtings in the 'Hoochee Queen.

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