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Bull Sluice
Jes' a few pitchers from some of the times Meaux an' mewas a-fishin' down 'round Azalea Park near Roswell. I ain't never really got notin' patic'larly substantial there, but I did git one world record. . . I'm shor of it!
The "Flats" at Roswell, Georgia. This is where we catch such fish as bass, small catfish, several species of bream, an' some big ol' carp. This is...
The Swamp Angel has taken a break from castin', as well as a-paddlin'. The water here is too skinny to use even the DC power (trollin' motor), an' it...
A shot of some of the more productive backwaters of Bull Sluice, a silted reservoir on the 'Hooch near Roswell, GA which is held in place by Morgan...
Looks like we done found where the carps is a-swirlin'. If'n you look toward the left, you'll see her wake there.
I am raht proud of this'n. It is in-dubitably the world record fish caught on tackle of this size! I ain't never thought I would have such good...
This is the pockit from which I done catched mah world record fish (shown in a nuther pitcher). They was a bunch of 'em all 'bout the same size...
More Bull Sluice backwaters.
Yet MORE Bull Sluice backwaters.
Them trees in the foreground of this pitcher should amply demonstrate the skinniness of the water to be found in Bull Sluice. It is mah understandin'...
This pitcher should give you an idear of how calm the water is in this section of the 'Hooch, just up from Morgan Falls. This paddler prolly put in...
Jes' thought I'd toss in a pitcher of a purty impressive cliff face on Bull Sluice. There's some mighty purty houses up on them cliffs an' bluffs...
I own a Gheenoe and, like anyone else that has ever had one, I notice when I see other folks totin' one about. This fella had brung his daddy's "Low...

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