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01-04-06, 11:39 AM
I have a "retreat" scheduled to start this Friday at the Brasstown Valley resort; and I was thinking of coming up early and getting in some fishing. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to fish around Young Harris? I have not fished in that area before and any help would be greatly appreciated. If anyone wants to play hooky I'd love a partner also. Thanks

Jimmy Harris
01-04-06, 05:32 PM
In the immediate Young Harris area, you don't have much to choose from. However, you may want to consider driving a few miles over to Hayesville, NC to fish the Hiwassee tailwater. Or, drive in the other direction and hit the Toccoa River tailwater.

01-04-06, 05:37 PM
Thanks Jimmy,

How far away is the Toccoa tailwater? I will be going up 515 through Elijay, do you have any suggestions from that direction?

Jimmy Harris
01-04-06, 09:41 PM
On 515 you'll cross the Toccoa River just east of Blue Ridge; probably about 40 minutes from Young Harris.

01-05-06, 10:11 AM
As a Young Harris College Alum who spent absolutely no time fishing while in school there, I can tell you that my regret has led me to look around a bit in that are for some good spots. If you're into smaller wild fish, the entirety of the Brasstown Creek watershed upstream of the Union/Towns County line is year-round. However a lot of it is private......BUT, a lot of those people will allow you to fish if you knock on their door and are friendly.

The easiest way to find a spot is to cross that county line on 76 and just check out every stream crossing you make on the highway inbetween there and Lake Chatuge. Go exploring on some of the back roads and you will find a spot. Take a short rod with you, too. Anything over 8' will probably be frustrating to handle.

If you have some time, though, take Jimmy's advice and head down to the Toccoa, or head 20 minutes out of Blue Ridge and hit up Noontootla.

Steve D
01-05-06, 10:37 AM
As another Young Harris alum, I'll chime in here as well. Unlike Dave, I lived to fish while I was in the mountains (even to the point of arranging my class schedules to allow more fishing time). Most of my old haunts are now posted but you can find some good water around. The trick this time of year will be finding year-round streams that aren't posted.

If you don't have extra time to do some research and legwork (trout stream maps, regs to see whats open, then driving around and knocking on doors) I'd go with Dave's advise about Brasstown Creek to be closer to Young Harris and then fall back on Jimmy's. Nantahala isn't all that far either.

01-05-06, 12:07 PM
And, just across the road from Brasstown Resort is a nice little bass pond where some of Steve D's Poppers would work great if it's a warm afternoon when you're up there!

01-05-06, 12:24 PM
I've had folks tell me the Brasstown Valley Resort had it's own trout streams. You local folks should know more about this. Is that incorrect?

01-05-06, 12:36 PM
To answer my own question, I called. According to the women who answered, they have a stocked trout pond across the street. They do have streams on the property but she did not think they contained trout.

That's just the type I would check out, it might have some little natives in there.

Steve D
01-05-06, 03:53 PM
That little pond can be a tough place to cast...of course it might be a little easier now after the grass and such has died back some. Its worth a look for sure. There's another pond you can see from that one down on the golf course that looks interesting too. I'd like to be able to drop my yak or a float tube in either.

I think Brasstown Creek borders the golf course on the west side - would have to pull a topo map and check (don't have my DeLorme with me). Might be a seasonal stream in that section - definitely worth checking into....

01-05-06, 04:29 PM
Thanks for all of the info. It seems I have quite a few options. I downloaded the Towns County Trout stream map and the Brasstown stream is year round as well as Coosa and Nottely Creek outside of Blairsville. I am trying to stay relatively close to the park so I don't miss my meeting on Friday. Has anyone had any luck on the Brasstown? The pond is definately an option. Thanks


01-05-06, 04:50 PM
I might have, but I can't seem to recall.....except that there might have been a certain kind of fish where I was.....hmmmm......maybe if Cupid shot his arrow, it would fall there......

Steve Hudson
01-05-06, 04:56 PM
As they say, "There are no trout in the creek through the golf course...."

In all seriousness, success there can vary. But if you want to find out for sure, woollies or beadheads fished deep can help provide an answer!


Steve D
01-05-06, 05:18 PM
Dave, if your cryptic message is referencing the plunge pool below the certain waterfall that I think you're referencing, then that would be Corn Creek, not Brasstown. It does flow into Brasstown across the highway and to the north a little bit...

Then again, my interpretation of your post could be completely off...

I've had some luck in a couple of spots on Brasstown - mostly in the headwaters above Plott Town Road. You'd have to confirm it on a map but if you take Hwy 66 north out of Young Harris toward Warne, NC and take the first left across the creek, the road runs close to the creek in a few places. I've caught a few fish there....

01-05-06, 10:03 PM
Thank you all for the input. I will post a report after I finish the excursion. Steve D, thanks for the input on Brasstown. I'm going to take your advise and hit that area.
Steve H, thanks for the head's up on the flies.
David, I hope that was Corn Creek; if it wasn't I hope you got photos. Of the fish of course.

Steve D
01-06-06, 07:45 AM
Have fun Michael - you'll be in one of the prettiest valleys in the N. GA mountains (OK, I'm just a little biased...). Be sure to drop in Unicoi Outfitters in Blue Ridge on the way up and tell Metrela hi.

BTW, if you get the itch for a treat, there is a little po-dunk store/restaurant just south of Young Harris on Hwy 76 called Gibsons - go get yourself a milkshake there. Any flavor they have will be good but take a chance and get peanut butter - sounds awful, tastes goooood!

01-06-06, 09:13 AM

Yes, I was referring to Corn Creek. I was just saying that it is part of the Brasstown watershed. I actually didn't know the name of the creek until after I left Young Harris and started flyfishing. I was looking at a detailed map and noticed that it was Corn Creek that flowed through campus. I then put 2 and 2 together.......the literary review done by students annually is the "Corn Creek Review."

Maybe next year at Homecoming, we can hit up Brasstown together.

Steve D
01-06-06, 04:27 PM
Works for me!

01-07-06, 09:28 PM
I just got back from Young Harris. It is an absolutely beautiful part of this state. I don't know how you guys ever graduated from college. I would have never gone to class!

Brasstown creek was running full and crystal clear. I froze my rear end off and got treated to fishing while snowing. I only managed one 7" rainbow on a bead head hares ear, but I had a great day. You were right, my 9' rod made casting difficult to say the least with all of the overhanging branches. My only regret is that I didn't walk far enough down the trail early enough. Being so cold, there was no one on the golf course and that is a good hole by the bridge. I got two strikes there before I ran out of time. I may try again in the spring. Thanks for all your help.

Steve D
01-08-06, 02:25 PM
I just got back from Young Harris. It is an absolutely beautiful part of this state. I don't know how you guys ever graduated from college. I would have never gone to class!

Heck, I've spent 20 years trying to find a way to go back. I'm just hoping one or both of my kids decide to go and give me more excuses to go up and visit....

01-09-06, 07:45 AM
I can see why you would like to get back. Thanks again for all your help.

PS. Have you ever caught anything in the pond next to the road across from the service entrance to the golf course? I tried the pond also, but I didn't have any luck. I couldn't see anything moving under the surface either. It has been a while since I saw pond water that clear.

Steve D
01-09-06, 09:12 AM
No, but I've only fished it once - last fall in November. It wasn't accessable way back when - was somebody's stock pond in a pasture if I remember correctly.....