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12-06-98, 08:31 PM
My wife & I were at cabin #4 at Dogwood Riverside last month at the same time you had your outing. Iwas recovering from surgery at the time & wasn't able to fish much . I did enjoy talking to several of your members however. I was impressed not only by their fishing skills, but by how nice all of them were. After watching a couple of them cast, it might have been a good thing that I wasn't able to fish as I may have embarrassed myself. I have recommended your club to a couple of women flyfishers I know & hope they follow up with you as it looks like a cl****organization you have going. You ladies are good for the sport.

12-07-98, 06:28 PM
Thanks!! I heard that someone from the board was there, but was a bit busy to look for you.

Our success fishing was large, but limited. While just about everyone fished the entire weekend, despite the temperatures and rain, only the experienced took fish.

Our two most experienced... Becky took a 21" and Karen took SEVEN fish with the largest at 19".

BTW, Becky just won the Womens World Invitation Fly Tournament - Bonefish Series.

Thanks for the kind words!! I know that we will be back to Dogwood.