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03-10-99, 08:06 PM
The AFFC and Georgia Women Flyfishers, FFF Chapters along with the Chattahoochee and Kanooka Chapters of TU have planned a joint fly fishing tournament for Saturday, May 15th at Callaway Gardens. Registration will be $25 per person. We will fish two per boat with a maximum of 20 boats. If you need a partner we can try to hook one up for you. The boats have electric motors. Our goal is to have all twenty boats filled so the lake will be closed to the public during our tournament. Deadline for entry is April 15th so as to coordinate with the other clubs and to prepare passes to get into Callaway Gardens. Fishing will start at 7 AM and end at 12 noon with score tally to be at 12:15. Scoring, regardless of size, willbe B****= 4 points and Bream = 1 point. This is more a social gathering, but a full day guided fishing trip (a $275.00 value) has been donated and will go to the first place team.

This is first come first serve....remember there are only 20 boats available! To register please contact Diana O’Brien (GaWomFly@aol.com) or Beth Page (FlygURL)(jandb@mindspring.com).

04-02-99, 10:31 PM
Many have asked who is registered/paid for the Callaway Tournament. The folks who have registered/paid* through Georgia Women Flyfishers are:

Chris Woodall and Donnie Walden*
Jonathan and Jessica Williamson*
Diana and Dennis O'Brien*
Jack Tuttle and Beth Page*
Leslie and Mike Ballard*
Bertha and George Page*
Becky Strain (needs partner)
Jim Roberts
Ken Bradshaw plus one

If you have not yet sent in your check, shoot me an email( jandb@mindspring.com ) and I will send you the address.

If you have sent in your check, but you are not marked as paid, please let Diana ( GaWomFly@aol.com )know.

04-21-99, 07:51 PM
There are still some boats left. Email GaWomFly for more information!!