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11-02-99, 10:34 AM

Some of my fondest memories are of fishing with my daughter when she was younger. Since she has become a teenager, it's no longer cool to fish.

Are there any teenage girls in your club that could be a peer group for my daughter?

I would love to spend time on the water sharing my new love of flyfishing with my daughter.

11-02-99, 06:58 PM
Take her flyfishing with me! I'm 17, brown haired, blue/green eyes, 5-10, about 150 pounds, styling cloths & a fishy grin. Maybe if she knew someone like me flyfished, then she might think it's pretty cool after all.

BTW: how old is she?

Also, maybe if she saw Brad Pitt in the River Runs Through it?

Just a thought!

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The Ole Man
11-02-99, 08:40 PM
Blake, Blake, Blake-always playing the angle. If only I had been as sly as you at 17. We're gonna have to rename you the "slyster".

11-02-99, 10:38 PM
Cool off fellas!

We don't currently have any members in their teenage years, although we would love to have you and your daughter participate. Anyone have any ideas besides luring her with the young one?

11-06-99, 11:30 AM
Come on! I've been looking to find a teenage girl who flyfishes!

Any other teenage flyfishing girls out there?

I'll let you kiss my fish! http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif

Playing the angle http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif

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11-06-99, 11:52 PM
I ain't a bad kid, I just have a flyfishing addiction!

11-09-99, 05:56 PM
I can't resist anymore. I'm just kidding but sincere.


I know I've quietly suggested RESTRAINT to you on the board at times in the past to the point of being preachy. Although you have done much better lately, I just have to give you my opinion again.

Despite being impressed by your boldness, which may work, I think there are two probable outcomes. #1) You probably made her defensive by your aggressive approach. In fishing parlance, you stomped up to a shallow pool holding a 24" brown and scared her so much she hightailed it to deep safe water. #2) Dredger is now dusting off his shotgun. Daddies are suspicious of fellas showing interest in their little girls no matter the daughter's age or what the fella's intention.

Just the opinion of an older guy, married, with children. I could be wrong. Kids these days, who knows?


If the women won't help here's a guy's suggestion. Be conniving and try luring your daughter to the vise by tying flashy streamers. It may sound patronizing but desperate times deserve desperate measures. Don't mention anything with "bug" or "fly" in the name. If that appeals to her, maybe a spark of interest can be lit if you can talk her into seeing how they are used.

Flytying seems to appeal to my wife. Now if I can just get her over her dread of seeing the fish flop around. She calls it sport-torture. But she loves sushi. Go figure. http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/smile.gif

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11-09-99, 07:02 PM
My bad! I don't want anyone to think I'm a jerk! I don't mean any disrespect to any female. It's just that there aren't enough flyfishergirls out there, and I'm a flyfisherboy, so I get like that at the thought of connecting with a flyfishergirl.

Sorry if I may have come on too strong, but I had to say something.

Dredger, put the shotgun up! I hope you get her to cast a fly some day, maybe with me... http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif Take is easy, I don't mean any disrespect to any female, esspecially the daughter of an NGTO dude.

EG, thanks, but and email would have sufficed, and I could have deleted some stuff in the post or whatever. http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif Guess I need to be checked sometimes. http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif

I'm just playing the angle, I'll try not to play it too steep. http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif

Playing the angle

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11-09-99, 07:09 PM
Fellas - I was just hoping some of the other ladies would respond, but...

We did discuss it last night at our meeting. The concensus was that if she had shown interest before, but does not now, the only thing that you can do is wait. Make sure she always feels welcome to join you, but other than that, wait patiently. Most of us get back to it in our late teens and early twenties.

We had a fellow at our meeting last night considering bringing his 12 year old daughter to meet with us last night. If there is interest in the female teenage population bring them, they are more than welcome to join us. Even if phlyster wants to join, that's good too - may bring more teenage girls into the club - but feel safe all of you Daddies, we'll keep him on the other side of the room/stream!


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11-10-99, 03:00 PM
Thanks for the open invitation to your meetings and your advice. I especially appreciate your discussion of this topic in your last meeting.

Thanks for the suggestion and thanks for the comments to phlyster. Forget the shotgun, one of my hobbies is precision long range rifles.

I promise to keep my knife in my pocket when we get a chance to meet face to face! http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif I don't believe that you intended any disrespect, but someday, if you are blessed with a daughter you will understand what EG was talking about.

11-10-99, 05:14 PM
Dredger, it's cool! http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif Brianna E-mailed me, and she said that it's not that she doesn't think fishing is cool, it's just that she doesn't have time for it anymore.

So there ya have it! http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif

Hey, Jbyrd never has time either. http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/smile.gif

The way I see it, is that maybe in the future, since a love for fishing was instilled in her while she was young, that later on in life when she is able to make time, she may take up interest in fishing again. Although, I'm not sure how that would really come about, with out someone taking her, and peaking her interest, that could be Dredger, or who knows...?

I'm just a man, with a plan. http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif

BTW: I think Brianna is a beautiful name!

Playing the angle

If I was a trout, would you fish for me?

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11-10-99, 07:44 PM
phlyster, son they sure jumped on you. I understand both sides. I also have a 24 year old daughter and she is the heart of my heart. I also have a 22 year old son and can relate. I also was 17 at one time, a million years ago..

You did well, you handled the pointed blast and stood and delivered. I respect that in any MAN and would glad to share any stream with him...

Hang in there, we are all HUMAN contrary to popular opinion.

Screaming Reels To You!
"Le Bon Temps Roule'"
Joe Carnahan aka. HoochRat :)

11-11-99, 06:18 PM
I misconstrued my own words, Phly. It was a poor try at a backhanded compliment that was lost while I attempted a lighthearted response to our differing styles. Generation gap humor. Poor context on my opinionated part.

The main point that was lost by me was that, lately, I think your posts have been more restrained and mature. ie., Clewis, if you want to get to senior native status and NOT ingratiate yourself to the board, try posting 35 copies of the same post to an otherwise serious thread in order to "get to a hundred" as Phlyster/Floater once did.

Unlike a guerrilla-thread-posting peanut farmer who appeared for a while, I agree that negative posts should be sent to email. Sorry for the previous negative sounding post.

BTW, if she emailed you then I guess I was wrong and you were right.

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11-11-99, 08:09 PM
OK.....cost is clear....I'm stepping out of the foxhole.....no wait.....I never got in a foxhole! http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif hehe LOL

I understand where you fathers are coming from, and I respect you for your concern. I think it good to see fathers taking interest in their kids, and even cooler if they can incurage their kids to fish, esspecially flyfish, and even more esspecially incurage their daughters to flyfish. I think there is a lack of female participation with flyfishing, but all that is changing, and GAWF is certainly helping. I think this GA women flyfisher club, has a good thing going with prospective youth attendance, and participation. I would be pleased to meet, and share water with the club, or club members sometime, it's all about the opportunity, and the transportion.

Hoochrat, thanks man! We'll go fishing if fate permits us!

EG, it's cool man! I didn't think you REALLY meant any crude intention.

If I was a trout, and you were a Phly(pardon the pun), would you try and catch me?
(Think about it, you'll get it) http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif

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11-12-99, 12:19 PM
Dredger, i do have one suggestion for you.

When I was trying to get my now ex-girlfriend into flyfishing, I made sure that I did not try to teach her.

Reason being is that one time i took her myself and she got very defensive, because like always she didn't like me telling her what to do.
so the next time I paid a guide to teach her and she actually enjoyed it, Not as much as i would have liked but she had fun.

If your daughter is also that way, which is how I was as a teenager, and phystler is now,
J.K. phystler, then she might not like the fact that you are teaching her something new. she will take it like you are bossing her around and she will get defensive.

So my point is hire a guide to teach her, and she will enjoy it more.

By the way does your wife flyfish, and if not try to get flygurl or someone to be her mentor--- not first about flyfishing, take to the mall or something so she can see that people that fish are real and very calm with themeselves..

But again be patient, and one day she might look for that inner peace that we all have..


Fish On!!!

11-12-99, 12:27 PM
By the way I wasn't volunteering flygurl, just giving you some ideas!!
don't want any of you ladies taking aim with a 60 foot cast at my head with a large streamer and dropper on it.. Ha Ha

Fish On!!!

11-12-99, 12:31 PM

11-12-99, 08:16 PM
I could pull it off just as good as any guide could. http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/smile.gif I could take her fishing, where she wil enjoy it. I wouldn't put any pressure on her, because we are on the same level. If you know what I mean? She wouldn't think I was bossing her around or anything like that. It would just be a cool thing, where she would see first hand how it's done. You know what I mean? I'm just making points here, and who knows what the outcome will be, I'm just throwing ideas in the box. I also think that an (expensive) guide could do the trick, also the GAWF might even pull it off.

Dredger, good luck w/ it, take advice, and talk to her, incourage w/ good & fun ideas. Sorry if you don't normally listen to 17yr olds talk to you about your daughter.

Brianna has been emailing w/ me, she is a cool girl, and does the same sort of things I do(fishing aside http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif), and I think that someday, she & I will hang out, maybe on the stream, and maybe even catch a few trout. If Dredger would have to go w/, then that's cool too, or hey my dad could go w/. She seems cool, and I'll be keeping in touch w/ her.

Bri, if your reading, no pressure here, don't worry what everybody wants you to do, it's just that your dad would like to SHARE a stream w/ ya (and so would I. http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif) Flyfishing for trout is really cool once you get into it a little bit, it isn't all about bugs, nor is it all about catching fish, but the combo of those 2 things is awsome.

If I was a trout, and you were a Phly(pardon the pun), would you try and catch me?

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11-16-99, 12:19 PM
Phly, I know we "smush" ya sometimes...heck I just poked at ya a little on the " where to fish thread" ! http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/smile.gif

but you know what,.......if I was a teenager with as much "moxy" as you, I probably wouldn't think twice that my waitress gave me a glass full of ice and no coke, or that the lady in One feather was mean to me. I'd chuckle and grin and go on my way. Everyday I learn something new, and today I learned that people are far more complex than we often think.....
I like to think that I'm a little like you, man. Sometimes goofy, sometimes serious, and always trying to get along with everyone.

My " Bob the dog" hat is off to you, my Young Jedi~trouter .

Life is too short to take so seriously.

preaching to myself...

11-16-99, 10:45 PM
I apprieciate that Owl!

Moxie- the ability to face difficulty with spirit.

I find that there is a time to be goofy, and time to be serious, one should always be lighthearted, and one should always strive to get along w/ or at least cope w/ everyone, face confliction w/ understanding & a light heart.

There are not enough minutes in our short lifes, to obsolve ourselves w/ hate, critizism, and one track minds. I take advantage of every oppurtinity to enjoy life, and help others enjoy life.

I'm I deep, or do I just think too much?
Playing the angle

If I was a trout, and you were a Phly, would you try and catch me?

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11-17-99, 12:07 AM
I have a little girl who will soon be three. She loves for me to tell her about the fish I catch. She loves to go hiking, and when I bring my flyrod, she loves to look and poke at the trout I catch. She loves to look at he flies I tie, and the ones I get in the mail from the swaps. I am almost certain that in a few years, she will be casting flies.
She has an enormous interest in birds. In fact, she already can identify more birds by their songs than I can by just looking at them.
My biggest fear is when she reaches her teenage years, and she finds whatever it is teenage kids like more interesting than spending time in the great outdoors with ME, my wife, and our Husky.
I know it is inevitable, but the first time she chooses the Friday night high school football game over a night and a day in the woods chasing specks, I'll be heart-broken.
Hopefully when that day comes, there will still be kids out there like you Phly; ones that respect a clean wild stream, uses barbless hooks, and safely handles and releases what you catch.

"Only Fools Build Large Fires"
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11-18-99, 09:10 AM

With the kids asleep in the back of the Suburban, pointed home after a fishing trip, I had the exact thoughts that you have expressed. Iím not sure how it turns out for everyone, but for me the first couple of times I got turned down for a fishing trip were pretty tough. Not too much later, as the adolescent hormones kicked in full throttle, a bit of time apart doing our own things appeared to be the natural and acceptable order of things.

Looking forward to Grandkids (but not too soon)

11-18-99, 01:16 PM
I'm a sinner, I know. http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif

barbed, but not bemoaning........anyone of their choice. If I could, I would..... http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/smile.gif

11-18-99, 01:42 PM
To shed some optomistic light on the subject. It also could turn out like it did with may dad and I. When I was a teenager I got out of fishing and turned him down. I became very defensive, but now I love taking my dad to new places and talking to him about fishing. Speaking of that, thanks for reminding me, it has been a while since we hit the water.

No I do not have any kids, nor am I married, just a young gentleman speaking my piece and my experience, from the otherside.

So don't sweat it, everything will work out in the end, but I did give my dad some extra gray hairs in my teenage years, in fact I can't remember, or even think he had a single one until I hit thirteen, but now he has a full set. Ha Ha Ha

my 2 cents

Fish On!!!