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11-03-99, 08:00 PM
Some of us ladies have been fishing this week. Becky, Susan and I went up to Unicoi Outfitters/Nacoochee Bend for a half day. We were all quite successful! Thanks to Unicoi Outfitters and NGTO for a gift certificate that was won at the NGTO Spring Fling!

Our bests for the day were:

Becky with a 20" rainbow caught in the final minutes.

Me with a 20" rainbow (I caught two that size that day}. My personal best.

And, saving the best for last, Susan and her personal best of a 21" rainbow.

We will be doing that again! Look out for us Jimmy!

11-03-99, 10:43 PM
Congrats!!! Nice fish!

Trout Now!

11-03-99, 10:47 PM

If only I could catch fish like that ! http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/smile.gif

Great fishing ladies!

11-04-99, 08:17 AM


11-04-99, 08:25 AM
Warning, posts like these could lead to ‘big fish fever’.

11-04-99, 10:20 AM
Susan was obviously showing off! Tight Lines, Tom

Bird Dog
11-04-99, 09:01 PM
That's my girl (Susan)!! Sorry guys, she's taken!!
Bird Dog

Jimmy Harris
11-05-99, 12:11 AM
Hey, Bird Dog,

So, how does it feel to be working when everyone else is fishing? I understand you got a phone call from the middle of the river to give you an on-the-scene fishing report. Funny, they look like such nice ladies in those photos.

Bird Dog
11-05-99, 08:22 AM
Hey Jimmy,

My girlfriend knows how to double haul and tie blood knots! Sounds to me like your jealous.
Just kidding. Hey, those ladies had a great time. I was really happy for them. It's not like I never get to go fishing you know http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/smile.gif

The Ole Man
11-05-99, 12:48 PM
"Sorry guys she's taken".
No fair Kyle-I saw her first! If she ever went fishing with The Ole Man, she would throw rocks at you.

11-06-99, 12:31 AM

I've seen The Ole Man in action. Tell Susan to keep her distance! http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif


11-06-99, 11:39 AM
Great fish ladies!
Did you kiss those fish, all 20" of them?

If only I can get a wife that catches fish like those women, and that knows how to tie a blood knot, and cast a double haul, and all that good stuff.


The Professor
11-17-99, 01:35 PM
Great job ladies!!

Phly, there are woman like that available, I found one--of course, I had to go to Oregon to find her (with the help of the internet http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/smile.gif) She caught her first salmon the other day and is a excellent flytyer!

Keep looking and you'll find someone like that

11-17-99, 01:48 PM
HEY Professor !!!!!!!!!!!! We were just wonderin where the heck you had gotten off to...........!? You too Birddog !!!

Thought you guys took one of those three hour tours and did the Gilligan thing !
Good to see your both back with us and funny as ever !

( NightOwl last you posted I think ! http://www.georgia-outdoors.com/ubbngto/wink.gif )

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Bird Dog
11-21-99, 08:54 AM
Sorry I disappeared. Seems I went crazy and decided I had to go off and get a "real" job. This working from 6:30a.m. to 7:00p.m. M-F really cuts into my fishing. If it wasn't for fishing every weekend with Susan, I'd probably die from river withdrawls. I lurk occasionally, but I just don't have time to read all the post anymore. Later,
B doggie.