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05-14-01, 07:24 PM
Hi all! I live in Naples Florida and I am going to Sevierville on June 8 to June 16. I am going with 3 other fisherman. One is my uncle who knows how to flyfish. One is his son who is 7 and loves fishing more than him and doesn't know how to flyfish. The other is my dad who likes fishing and doesn't know how to flyfish. The other is me who also doesn't know how to flyfish. When I go up there I will be fishing a couple of days out of the 7 but I don't know how to flyfish. I've heard of using a spinning rod and that is what I want to use. COULD YOU TELL ME HOW TO DO SO AND WHAT I NEED TO DO IT? ALSO WHAT FLIES? AND HERE IN FLORIDA FOR FRESHWATER WE USE RAPALAS AND SPINNERBAITS WOULD ANYTHING USED FOR LITTLE BREAM WORK OR DO I HAVE TO USE FLIES? AND I WON'T KNOW WHERE TO GO WHEN I GET THERE SO IF SOMEONE COULD SEND ME SOME INFO ON WHERE, WHEN, AND HOW I WOULD BE VERY PLEASED?