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07-04-01, 12:50 PM
Updated our website - GaWomFly (http://groups.accessatlanta.com/gawomfly) - a bit.
Three new pages with photos from our trips to the <A HREF="http://www.accessatlanta.com/community/groups/gawomfly/2001_FFF_Southeaster.html" TARGET=_blank>May 2001 FFF Southeastern
Conclave</A>, June 2001 Hiwassee River in Tennessee (http://www.accessatlanta.com/community/groups/gawomfly/2001_Hiwassee_Clinic.html), and the June 2001 Dogwood Riverside Inn (http://www.accessatlanta.com/community/groups/gawomfly/2001Dogwood_Riversid.html).

When you open these pages, be patient, they take a bit of time to open.

The ladies who attended these events had an absolutely fantastic time! Ask
any one of them! There are more opportunities to come!

Beth's web page - check it out! (http://www.mindspring.com/~jandb)
"Remember No Hunters, No wildlife, No fishermen, No fish." - O'Neill Williams (http://www.oneiloutside.com)

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