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12-11-03, 10:30 PM
I actually live in SC, but there are no message boards! I am new to trout fishing, but I'm loving it more by the day. I just wish I knew what I was doing!! I've been fishing the Saluda River in Columbia. My first item of business.....how do I catch trout!? I've just been lucky so far. So, this new member will probably have a lot of questions.

12-11-03, 11:07 PM
Welcome to the board. Lots of information in the different forums. There is also a search feature for items of interest.

12-12-03, 08:42 AM
Welcome aboard, from an old Sandlapper!

southern redbelly dace
12-16-03, 11:40 PM
Welcome, as said above, use the search tool and you will be amazed at the amount of info available. This is one of the best resources I have found available to the Southern App. trout fisher and then some. I think you'll be glad ya came.

Gray ghost
12-17-03, 12:53 AM
Welcome Obiedude ! I think we have some members that live in your area.

12-17-03, 10:57 AM
welcome .... some of us know a lot of tricks and places to go on here. you wil be surprised hehehe

12-17-03, 01:27 PM
if you get over to the Hiwassee in south east tn. dont forget to go frog hunting you have been fortunate enough to find one of the best group of fishermen around and as I have found out they will go the extra mile they are just that great Ill be glad when the holidays are over with because there is several places on there side of the state line that this toadfrog is going to hop on hehehehehehe

Josh Barnett
12-17-03, 05:58 PM

Glad to see you here!

Joshua Barnett

Joshua Barnett

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