View Full Version : A Hello from a old new member(and a bit of bragging)

02-20-04, 10:51 AM
Just a quick hello to everyone at NGTO, I signed up here over a year ago but life got in my way and I have really not been on the site much nor have I been doing a lot of fishing. I plan on changing both of these circumstances starting today.

When I was a lot younger my father carried me and my brother trout fishing in the Mountains of North Carolina and I fell in love right away. We usually made the 8 hour trek twice a year until I turned 18 and I had never made the trip since. In '98 I moved to Atlanta and fell in love with trout fishing all over again with the "hooch" and teh streams in North Georgia which are within an hour's drive from my house.

Recently while looking at a map for no particualr reason I happened to see the town of Robbinsville, NC and after speaking with a few people I realized that the stream I had loved in my youth was a mere 2 hour drive from my house. I drove up there just this past weekend and discovered that time has all but stood still around Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest and its surrounding area. I have planned a trip for the season opener in April for myslef and about 6 other friends and co-workers and will be spending 3 days fishing, Santeelah, Snowbird and Buffalo Creeks in Graham County, NC. I am so excited I can barely stand the month wait. To ease my discomfort during this time of restlessness I decided to "gear up" so I just purchased some new equipment and will be testing it out on a stream near you in the coming weeks.(here comes teh bragging) I chose a Temple Fork Outfitters #5 9' TiCr Professional Rod with a Orvis Bar Stock Battenkill III loaded with Rio WF #5 and a pair of Orvis Pro Guide breathable waders with hodgeman studded felt wading boots. I can't wait to try these items out, luckily I can do something about that!!!!

Hope to meet some of you guys on a stream some day soon and get to know more of you through this website etc.

Good day,


02-20-04, 11:42 AM
Welcome back, Steve. Life sure won't stay in the box, will it? If I don't fish soon, I'll need a therapist!