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Chuck Morris
11-16-04, 07:33 PM
New to this site. Not so very new to fly fishing and tying, fishing about 50 years and tying about 40. Native of Pennsylvania. Georgia resident 20 Years. Mainly fish the Chatooga (Hwy 28 bridge) Looking forward to making new friends and sharing information.

Josh Barnett
11-16-04, 07:42 PM
Welcome aboard, Chuck! You made it just in time to see the new message board that Aaron has put together for us! We're glad to have you here with us!

There is a massive amount of knowledge of trout fishing here in North Georgia, and we'd love to have you contribute!

Thanks for coming!

Joshua Barnett

11-16-04, 07:59 PM
From one Naval Aviator to another it's good to have you on the board. I enjoyed meeting you and your wife at the fling and really appreciate the tying hair you gave me. Hope we can meet up on the water.

11-17-04, 06:43 PM
Welcome, Chuck! Always good to see another yankee around. I'm from Rochester, PA, just west of Pittsburgh. What part of the state are you from?

Chuck Morris
11-17-04, 09:08 PM
Born and raised just a little north of you. Little town called Pulaski, between New Castle and Sharon. Went to School in New Wilmington.Still have family in the area and when I'm back there get to fish Neshannoch at Volant and other streams as well. Have a camp on the Allegheny near Tionesta and get to fish for Smallies,Wallies,Muskies Etc.

11-17-04, 11:22 PM
Yeah, I know where Pulaski is, although I'm not really familiar with the area. We lived somewhere up that way for a while when I was a little kid, but I don't remember much of it. I've fished Neshannock a few times, and we used to camp at Tionesta Creek when I was a kid. I still get up there at least once a year, but its just not enough time to fish all the places I'd like. I usually go in October to fish the steelhead run at Erie, and maybe hit a few other places while I'm there.

11-18-04, 09:43 AM
Chuck Morris it is a pleasure to make your acquaintance. if you fish hwy 28 area a lot i am sure i will see you there from time to time. I may even go this sunday. See you on the river. I am usually up toward the reed creek area.

Mike Smith
11-20-04, 02:55 PM
Chuck, it was nice to meet you at Smith's Creek on Friday. Welcome tot the board.

Gray ghost
11-23-04, 04:13 PM
Welcome Chuck !

Rick Padgett
11-23-04, 06:47 PM
Welcome aboard Chuck.

11-23-04, 06:58 PM
Howdy Chuck from another new guy. Hey, have you ever hooked into any red eyed bass down stream of 28 bridge where the West Fork dumps in? Theres some nice ones.

Chuck Morris
11-24-04, 07:39 AM
Hi Nickelcigar and welcome to the Board. Yes I've caught a few there and also a few largemouth just up from the mouth of the West Fork. I really enjoy the West Fork from the mouth upstream. Maybe we'll run into one another up there some day.