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01-28-05, 08:39 AM
Guys, I just moved to Atlanta looking for work fresh out of college. I am a MS boy who is overwhelmed by this city and I have clung to the only thing that seems familiar, woods and water. I have fly fly fished a little, mostly for panfish in MS. Most of my fishing though, is for largemouths and catfish in muddy water. I understand the sport of fly fishing, and I am pretty efficient at casting. I have been fishing in the Delayed harvest area right beside my apartment complex, and at the sope creek area. I really just don't have any clue how to find fish at this point. This type of aquatic environment is totally new to me. If anyone has any pointers for how to be succesful, or anywhere I can go and catch fish in a beginners environment and learn this information would be very appreciated. I also don't want to get in anyone's way that is an expert. I guess what I mean is that I don't know the river edicate at this point either. I have lots of questions and this seems to be the best place to have them answered.

Thanks guys.

Go Vols


01-28-05, 08:58 AM
Drop down to the Fishing Connection forum and see who's planning what, when. Of course, this may be a bad weekend to start!

No doubt you'll be welcome to join in, or state your own desired location and best fishing time and most likely you'll have an amatuer (but well-meaning) guide in no time at all. Some of them will meet up just to razz you about UT!

We speak bream and bass, too!

01-28-05, 10:24 AM
There is a really good fly shop in Buckhead called "The Fish Hawk". Look them up and take a trip to see them. Once there tell them what section of the DH you are close too and ask for some tips. The will set you up.
During the DH the fish are just about everywhere but sometimes you do have to hunt for the holding runs. Be patient, get your fly down deep and stay at it.
As Windknot syas, keep your eye on the fishing connection forum. There are always memeber form the baod going on local trips or meeting up.

You may also want to try and make one of the Westsiders meetings. We post this in the "Events" forum. Thsoe of us on the west side of town ge together and talk fishing, exchange flies and tell lies...I mean fishing stories. :D

Besides the DH, there are numerous streams a bit further North. East Ellijay, Blue Ridge and Helen are just a few towns/cities that have some great fishing.
Stick around on the board and ask all the questions you want. You will fins some great info here.

01-28-05, 10:37 AM
Doc welcome to the board! There are quite a few of us the fish DH water regularly. With a day or two notice, you usually can get a handfull of people together. Like Windknot said, fishing connection area is a great start. Also if you can make it out to Dreamland BBQ you'll meet some great people there as well.

Zip me an email the next time your thinking about heading out. As long as the honey do list is short I can usually make it out to the DH.

01-28-05, 11:11 AM
I have tried to go to the fish hawk, but it was closed when I arrived.

Wanted to fish this weekend at paces mill, seems to be easy access and easier wading, but the weather may make it a tough trip.

As for being a UT fan, it gets worse. I graduated from Ole Miss, was born a Vol and educated a Rebel, only to now be in Dawg country. But being in Atlanta, i'm a weekend trip away from all three sites so here's to SEC football. Can't wait til next season. Go Vols, give em' heck Rebels, and go to heck LSU.



01-28-05, 11:27 AM
Easy on the LSU comment. I'll have to wait to see what the new coach can do this season. Saban, I hope, has better luck in the NFL than Spurrier.

Geaux Tigers!

Rick Padgett
01-28-05, 11:30 AM
Welcome docfarmer. If you just hang out on this board, you'll gain lots of info from many more knowledgeable than me. But in gerneral from someone who cut their teeth on Bass, Brim and Bluegill, I humbly offer you this general info.

Trout are like any other fish, in that they need cover. The only difference is that they also need shelter from the current. The have to use energy to swim against the current. So you are looking for cover that is close to the main current. This way they can conserve energy, and still feed. Trout feed mostly on insects washed downstream, (the currect is their food conveyor). Cover can be a rock, a deep run, undercut bank, or anything that lessens the currents force. Just remember, they may be upstream or downstream of the rock, tree limb as the current diverts around it. This leaves a pocket on both sides where the current is much less forceful. The cover also protects them from predators, (large birds, large fish, animals, snakes and people). You should start by looking for deeper water, (not necessarily DEEP), but deepER water. If you see a run where the water is 1-2 feet deep, then a section where it is obviously deeper, (3-4' deep), check it out. A fish on the bottom of a hole is just under the force of the current and can pop up and suck in a quick morsel and back down out of the current. Remember also that they face upstream, swimming into the current, so approach from downstream and work upstream, (especially in clear water conditions).

You can buy books that contain lots of info, as this is not the place for an indepth lesson. But if you can locate and catch Bass, Brim and Bluegill, you should be able to use this info and learn how to locate trout. They will mostly be on the bottom now, but I have seen rises, and have caught on dry flies recently. So be willing to adjust.

Good luck, and feel free to post any specific questions. You'll get a ton of answers from many of the local pros.


01-28-05, 11:40 AM
Awe, you know how it is. I have a lot of friends in school there, its an annual trip to meet up at the game and get rowdy. I really enjoy the LSU football atmosphere, its a great place. The football team on the other hand.......

Saban can do nothing but better than what Steve did, imo.

01-28-05, 11:43 AM
I have tried to go to the fish hawk, but it was closed when I arrived.

Wanted to fish this weekend at paces mill, seems to be easy access and easier wading, but the weather may make it a tough trip.


Paces Mill is a good place to start. The last few time I have gone there, there have been a lot of people, but there have also been a lot of fish. I have gone on the coldest day and still caught fish.

BTW Go Gators

01-28-05, 02:40 PM
Welcome from one misplaced Mississippian to another. My hometown was Picayune, and yours?

01-28-05, 02:59 PM
Welcome from one misplaced Mississippian to another. My hometown was Picayune, and yours?

Columbus, New Hope area

02-09-05, 11:54 AM
It was great to run into you lastnight!

Keep flinging flies and asking questions and posting your trial and tribulations with us here!