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04-03-05, 09:18 AM
Greetings to all and thanks for letting me in here. You may come to regret having done so, but I imagine I can get the boot as easily as as I was welcomed in.

Am currently stuck in the flatwoods of southest GA but will retire to Habersham County in 2007. Meanwhile, I visit as often as possible.

Will be in White Co. the week of April 27 and have a proposition. Any kind soul that will meet me in Helen or other convenient location on Thursday or Friday that week and will kick-start me on removing trout from the Hootch shall have a free breakfast, a free lunch, as much chilled Barley Water as desired in the afternoon and my undying gratitude.

04-04-05, 04:07 PM
Welcome to N Georgia, Wish you could make that a couple of weeks later...For the cost of those meals Jimmy over at unicoi outfitters could probably fix you up...Don

04-04-05, 06:10 PM
Dear Don;

Thanks very much for the reply. I, too, wish it could be a couple of weeks later, but I am confined and constricted to the dates given on my original proposition.

You sound willing, but perhaps you have to work (bad word) on the dates most suitable to me. Please keep in mind that "you can be too sick to go to work but feel just barely good enough to go fishing." This philosophy has helped me bring home many a fine mess of fish, even though I was feeling poorly and had to answer tough questions from my boss the next morning.

As to the cost of meals versus the cost of hiring a professional outfitter in White County, what I actually had in mind was a Pulpwood Biscuit (sardines in mustard sauce on top of a honey bun ) and a quart of malt beverage for breakfast, followed by goat-and-okra sandwiches washed down with world-class beverages imported from Germany for lunch. I was thinking that my company might in some small way make up for, nay, surpass, my inate miserliness.

Please give me a call collect if things should somehow work out in our favor, and again, thank you.


Mike Smith
04-04-05, 06:41 PM
I'll meet ya. I got a cabin up there too. I hail from the flat woods of Glennville, Ga on Hwy 301. Moved up here from Savannah in 89. I know a few places on the hooch, and at Smith's Creek. I'll make reservations for us to fish Smithgale Woods if your here on a Wed, Sat, or Sun. Will have fun. I'm Mike. Phone is smithrm7@bellsouth.net

The Owl
04-04-05, 10:37 PM
...this has to be one of the most unusual threads I've ever seen on any bb anywhere! :) I like it. :)

Welcome aboard and congrats on being so close to retirement!

04-05-05, 05:23 PM
You, Mike are a Prince among mankind. I am truly indebted to you and will call you within a few days. Thank you. My wife and I and another couple are staying at Tanglewood Cabins on the Batesville side of Unicoi, and I will be very pleased to meet you on Saturday morning, April 30th, at a location convenient to you. Please proceed with your plans for that morning, and please include breakfast, as per my proposition, at a restaurant of your choice. "Mom's Way" in Helen is open early and is excellent, so is the the Batesville General General Store. Either of these or any other establishment
you might find more appropriate is just fine with me.

With regards to "Owl's" warm comments, I am deeply appreciative and want to meet this fine person one day very soon. I don't know what he/she finds so "unusual" about my written comments; perhaps the root cause of my perceived literary affliction stems from the fact that I have the unfortunate reputation for being a person who on rare occasions verbally expresses ideas or comments that may not be absolutely truthful. By that, I assert that I am a natural-born fisherman.

But it's not all my fault. I was privileged to serve as the Executive Editor for a small but national hunting-related magazine for a few years, and it quite simply goes against my natural grain to write anything that smacks of 100% truth. Hunters and fishermen quite obviously share many common traits.

Again, thank you, Mike and "Owl." If anyone on the website has technical questions about fishing or just about anything else (astronomy, sandstone formations, nuclear physics, etc., etc.), I'm the answer man.

"If more people would listen to me, the whole world would be better off."


04-06-05, 07:22 AM
When I saw I have the unfortunate reputation for being a person who on rare occasions verbally expresses ideas or comments that may not be absolutely truthful. I was horrified that my questions regarding a goat-and-okra sandwich were for naught!

Goat is woefully underappreciated by the dining public. It truly is “the other white meat”, as it accepts sauces and seasoning much better than pork.

Mike, you're gonna have a memorable day!

The Owl
04-06-05, 07:46 AM
ME TOO! You mean there's the chance that there's no goat and ta-mater sammich coming behind that? I was thinking of all the possibilities! :)

I can't wait to see the first conversation between ................................oh nevermind. I'm sure someone else has already thought of it.

Wish I could join you fellars! Sounds like an interesting trip. I recommend Hofer's.....esp. if Kim's paying! :) LOL


04-06-05, 06:02 PM
As a middle-aged gentleman, who still possesses a slide rule and has no earthly idea what the majority of the buttons on my telephone and various TV / DVD remote controls may possibly accomplish, I confess that I'm having a bit of trouble navigating through this website, although it is for all practical purposes "love at first sight."

You people are most kind and humorous and hospitable. I thank you all, and I can't tell you how much I look forward to future conversations within this venue, assuming that I can find my way back to this venue. It's a little like looking for my favorite pair of surgical steel forceps; I know I bought such a device for removing deeply inbedded hooks, but I'm darned if I know the tool's present location.

It's not a "goat and mater" sandwich a but "goat and okra" sandwich. The only connection between the two concoctions is that I've never eaten either one of them and hopefully never will. Indeed, the mere mention of this purported delicacy in my original proposition was admittedly, and perhaps somewhat shamefully, intended to attract (not all that much differently from a baited hook placed in front of a trout) a kind, generous and benevolent person who would help me fulfill a lifetime dream of retiring to the exquisite north GA mountains and becoming a somewhat proficient trout fisherman.

I am fulfilling that dream, thanks primarily to a Mr. Mike Smith, who I spoke with at some length last evening over this remarkable device known commonly as the telephone. As I said, the device has way too many buttons and features for my middle-aged mind to ever hope to comprehend, but I somehow manged to push just enough buttons so that a most satisfactory conversation ensued immediately therafter.

To summarize: Mike and I will catch trout very soon. Mike will not go hungry. I will not go hungry. We'll probably not eat any goat, and I'll probably be back here very soon.


Mike Smith
04-06-05, 10:08 PM
I think Owl has something to add to this gig. Owl you need to come along and bring your wife too. We're gonna give them a plastic card and tell them to get lost. I belive Owl taught me how to fish for trout in the first place and I highly regard his thoughts and (some of his "Philosophies"). Well most! Needless to what you may hear Kim, Owl is a very good fly fisherman, I'm not sure how he is with a spin caster, can corn, and a cooler full of PBR's. I wish we could get Don up there too, but Georgia Tech would shut down and close the doors if he were to take off a friday, unless it's to hunt turkey. Well have a blast anyway, which a way, or what-ever. These are a great buch of folks, you will see. They taught me everything I ever knew about fly fishing. So you'll be the judge.

04-06-05, 10:48 PM
...this has to be one of the most unusual threads I've ever seen on any bb anywhere! :) I like it. :)

You can't be serious, Owl. You've been responsible for far stranger threads than this one. ;)

Kim, welcome aboard. I think you're going to fit in quite well here. And yes, this does sound like it could be an interesting trip. I may just have to stumble through Helen that weekend. :drunk:

Mike Smith
04-07-05, 12:54 AM
Danny come on up. I'll even put you on my tiny little creek with that 22" bow, bring a lite wt rod and you'll really have some tight lines. We got room at the cabin.

The Owl
04-07-05, 01:14 PM
i didn't say "strange". . . I said " unusual ". And I didn't mean it in a bad way.

04-07-05, 05:00 PM
I feel most fortunate to have apparently fallen, by sheer accident, into the midst of group of persons who might be considered by some as either "strange" or "unusual." These terms are almost completely interchangeable in my personal dictionary, Owl, so I assure you that I look forward to meeting you one day...perhaps at the PAH-TAH that this little excursion seems to be turning into. Furthermore, we fisherpersons are all used to such terms, and many others that should not be referenced in such a forum. I shudder at the thoughts of what all I've been called in my time.

You might as well know that I am financially depressed, since I spend well over $500 per month on rental fees and utilities on the cold storage building in which I store wild meats including fish, venison, quail, doves, and turkeys. I am also incredibly modest and will therefore not go into any details about how I sacrifice on a continuous basis so that I might provide regular supplies of meats to local Nursing Homes and Orphanages.

And never mind the associated expenses of cleaning fish. I gave up on trying to clean them myself many years ago...the demands on my time became simply overwhelming. So I now carry the results of my regular Florida perch (or "specks," as they're known in Florida) fishing extravaganzas to a professional processing factory. I will only say that I'm widely known in north Florida as "The Legend of Crescent Lake."

Mike, the more the merrier. You have Carte Blanche to invite as many of your "strange" or "unusual" fishing companions up for the weekend. I might not be able to afford, being the financially depressed and humble person that I am, to feed the whole gang as well as I intend to feed and rehydate you, but I'll do my best. I'm 50 but am starting to feel like 12 with Christmas in north GA only three weeks away.

04-07-05, 05:08 PM
Welcome aboard somewhere. Hope you guys have a blast.

And Guthooked, Mega - lol's on that Owl comment!!!

(Sorry Jeff, but I think he's right!)

04-07-05, 09:23 PM
I may take you up on that offer, Mike. There's nothing...well....only one thing I love more than big trout in a small stream. ;) I'll let you know when the time draws a little nearer.

04-08-05, 07:14 AM
Guthook, that one thing....might it be those long silver fish on streams so small you have to kick them up the bank to land them?

Somewhere, glad to see you on the board. I think you will more then fit in with the bunch of us. You need to make sure you make it up to the Nantahala for the Thanksgiving Weekend trip and/or the Annual Frostbite Excursion. Well hell, you should also try to make it down to Callaway and Charlie Elliot for our annual trips there.

Hey Mike, you got room for one more on your stream?


Mike Smith
04-08-05, 02:36 PM
Ya know April and May are some of the best months for fly fishing or just plain fishing. The trout food chain is really cooking. Lots of bugs, flies, nymphs and just a harvest time for trout, bream, and green trout. The water is still cool and the air isn't too hot. If your comming up, let me know and I'll email you directions. Don't want to give the secret hole location away to soon. We still planning some repair work after spawing season. Hopefully we'll be done before the browns start.

Kim above one of the links to Smithgall Woods and Dukes Creek

04-08-05, 04:37 PM
The spousal unit and I went to Wally World this afternoon and I blew a cool $90 on emergency needs, including beer, charcoal, assorted tackle, beer, a pound of fresh shrimp (I don't feel like driving all the way into town to my cold storage facility for a pack of fish), a case of Vienna's , a box of saltines and some beer.

I bought the Vienna's after remembering the last breakfast bill I received at Hofer's Bakery in Helen. Their groceries are superb, but when I paid for them last time I thought that Hofer's might should keep any daily leftovers in a safe deposit box.

I can hardly wait to get some free trout. The spousal unit wants to know what's free about them after she dropped her life's savings into waders, wading boots, an outstanding UL rod/reel combo from Cabela's (please don't start in on me; I've flyfished before and will do it again, but one step at a time, OK?), a new hat, a fancy fanny pack and whatnots for me as birthday and Christmas presents. My wife simply doesn't understand. It's the same theme as her failure to understand why I have a gunsafe full of guns that I rarely shoot and am always telling her that I need a new gun.

I hope you good people have a dandy weekend. I'd very much like to meet and travel and fish and lie I mean exchange interesting fishing stories with you all in the near future.

clarkesville snit
04-08-05, 05:02 PM
Somewhere, you said you're stuck in SE Ga. Just where? I spent 9 years in lovely Lakeland, GA before settling in Haberscam

04-08-05, 05:25 PM
No Grizz, that wasn't what i meant, although its right up there. I'd clarify, but this is a family environment. ;)

04-09-05, 04:59 PM
I live about 8 miles north of Baxley, GA. Unlike beautiful Lakeland, Baxley looks best when seen in the rearview mirror on the way out of town for the very last time...something I have every intention of doing in about 23 months.

The wife and I just paid off our little Habersham County home site last month and are waiting for the Clarkesville Court House to stamp our deed with its seal of approval. We bought just under two acres on Seye Weilo Trail in the Glen Ellen subdivision, which is located on Aternate 255. We'll be shopping and maybe even working, with any luck, in Clarkesville. At least the wife will be working. She's a certified GA Master Florist and should be able to find work. There's not much need up there for a nuclear engineer, and anyway, I'll be too busy fishing to do much more than maybe being a part-time greeter at Wal-Mart.

I'm retiring early from the Southern Nuclear Company (sister company to GA Power, Alabama Power, etc.) and will need at least part-time work in north GA to finance critical necessities such as annual trout stamps and adult beverages. Perhaps you might be so kind to to steer me, at some not too future time, in appropriate directions. I applied at the local newspaper as well as the local Georgia Power Company office and received no substantial positive feedback. Those misguided folks just don't realize what they're missing.

We'll be liquidating here and moving into temporary housing somewhere in either Habersham or White Counties while having a small retirement cabin built on our property. I could use and would certainly appreciate some help in locating temporary housing when the time comes. We've contemplated borrowing our friend's 38' fifth-wheel camper and parking it directly on the construction site for a few months, but the jury, as they say, is still out.

Thanks for the friendly note. We'd like to look you up in Clarkesville if you'll send me your contact info.